Jan. 1st, 2006

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First of all, from the This-Is-No-Surprise Department:

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New-Age Mod.

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Now, on to the details.

New Year's Eve at The COlony was, as always, a blast...though I swear this year had at least 300% more chundering than any year past. Thankfully, I was involved in none of that. Hell, I was barely even tipsy most of the night! Not for lack of trying: my body just doesn't want to deal with booze anymore, period. This is a good sign. This is the first NYE in I don't even know how long that I haven't been drunker than hell for a significant portion of the evening. And I'm totally down with that. It was great to be able to talk to people and just hang out and enjoy the evening without a waterfall of tequila cascading down between the world and my brain!

2005 was an odd year. The first third was unutterably miserable. The second third was comfortably numb. The final third was insanely busy but finished off very well--I'm hoping this all bodes well for the year to come. Considering how the last week has gone, though, I think this should be true!

TOday: Stillerz game and them I'm rolling home to get some writing done and maybe finish anotjher DJ Heauxmeaux gayfest. Peace!
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Well...sort of.

Devo (the entire original band) is re-recording a number of their great
hits with a quintent of *kids* doing the vocals. It's coming out
through Disney. AND it features two *brand-new* Devo songs, too!
Presumably still sung by kids, but...it's Devo. The project is being
called Devo 2.0. :)

And this bodes well for the future. Can you imagine how many new spuds
are gonna be brought into the fold by Devo 2.0? There may be hope for
humanity after all!
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You're my boy.

Patrick Cranshaw--dead at 86.

*Le sigh*


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