Jan. 4th, 2006

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Here's the beginnings of the Pegritz Top 5 o' 2005. I'll expand the hell out of this and throw it up on Pegritz.com soon enough....

5. Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor.
Madonna is sooooooooooo goddamned good when she does dance music. It's how she got her start, after all...and she returns to her earliest form on this album after the last few disastrous experiments in trying to sound electroclash or whatever-the-fuck she was doing. Anyway, what we have here is just a bunch of really, really fun jams to keep your booty shaking. That's good enough for me!

4. Kaiser Chiefs - Employment.
Flat-out awesome brit-pop. Period.

3. Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum.
Holy SHIT, what a great live album! Seriously, the live version of "The Man-Machine" is about 10,000 times better than any other recorded version.

2. TATU - Dangerous and Moving.
Faux Russian teenage lesbians produced by, among others, Trevor Horn. How can you go wrong? The album is so redolent of hooks and catchy vocal tricks it literally gives me wood.

1. VHS or Beta - Night on Fire.
I don't remember if this came out this year or last year, but I don't give a damn: THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM I'VE HEARD ALL YEAR. Pure New Wave jam action. This album reminds me very much of a darker Duran Duran with Robert Smith on vocals. Everytime I play this album, I have to listen to it straight through.


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