Jan. 9th, 2006

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This is a fairly fascinating article about what's being done with a number of Croatian "war criminals" while they await trial...which may, or may not, ever actually happen.

All I have to say about the concept of Yugoslavian "war crimes" is this: When "Yugoslavia" was formed, Tito basically took several related, but still very distinct, ethnic and national groups who have NEVER liked one another, and jammed them together into one country and demanded they get along. You know what that's like? Imagine being forced to live for fifty years in a small, cruddy house with a whole bunch of people you just flatout don't like--or, at worst, cannot stand. People you haven't been able to stomach since the 1400s. When the "country" came apart in the early '90s, what do you think was going to happen? Croats have never particularly liked Serbs. Everybody hated the Bosnians. The Slovenes wanted nothing to do with anyone else and just wanted to be left alone (a position I greatly support). And who knows what the Montenegrans wanted, because they were too scared of everyone else to even move....Ethnic cleansing was inevitable. Nobody hates as viciously as a Croat. Or a Serb. Believe me. I know.

I'm certainly not trying to justify what happened over there--but there's no way it could've happened otherwise. When you have ethnic hatreds going back five hundred years, a little genocide is inevitable at some point. It's just part of being human, alas.
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Here's one for the "Good for you, you stupid sonofabitch" files:

Flaming Mouse Burns Down Asshole's Home!

Lucian Mares, an 81-year-old idiot, caught a mouse and decided to dispose of it by throwing it onto a burning pile of leaves. But...see, the mouse was still alive. So it ran back into the house, a living ball of flame. And it burnt the fucking house down to the ground.

By the Other Gods, I love irony.


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