Jan. 12th, 2006

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I'm judging the creative writing entries for this year's Governor's School applicants from Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties, so I stopped down at the Intermediate Unit I offices today to pick up the entries. As I was driving home, I witnessed a dreaded sight: a bunch of SPWA trucks and a backhoe lined up beside the road to my house. Oh, great, I thought. So as soon as I walked in the house I filled up the bathtub so I could get cleaned up for work before the water either went out or turned to yellow-orange diarrhea for the remainder of the day. It seems like every time I turn around these days the water service in this Mystery Hole I call home is being interrupted with some sort of weirdness that leaves the flow stained with giardia-laced clay for days. BASTARDS.
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I got the Japanese import version of T.A.T.U.'s newest album, Dangerous and Moving, today--and it's soooooooo completely worth picking up. There are three bonus tracks on it that are just amazing. "Vsya Moya Lubov" is an absolutely beautiful, semi-ambient pop song that reminds me a lot of Halou with a stronger melody. "Lyudi Invalidi" is a very straightforward, but awesome, dance-pop track that really should be played at Ceremony nonstop. And "Divine" is, while the weakest of the three new tracks, still a great dance gem with a strong beat and lush instrumentation. Still, "Vsya Miya Lubov" is the standout track, not only of the three bonus tracks, but of the entire album. Get it. Now.
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Taiwanese Awesome Dudes breed glowing green pigs!

Hell yeah. I do want my green eggs and ham! Well...at least the ham. I suppose they're workiong on green-glowing chickens now.


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