Jan. 20th, 2006

oneirophrenia: (El Doctor)
All day long I'd noticed that I was slightly on edge--but I just chalked it up to the usual giddy little jitters I get before seeing someone whom I really like after a bit of an absence. (This would be Kirsten, in case you're wondering.) I was reallllll antsy all night at work, too, and after--especially when my mother was telling me about my uncle's condition. Now, with a little hindsight, I realize that I was gearing up for a minor anxiety attack. All the signs were there--the need to just talk to someone, the fidgetiness, the obsessive dwelling on worrisome thoughts--but I haven't had an anxiety attack since...hell, last June, I think! I get them very rarely these days; so much so that it's often difficult for me to remember exactly how they act. My mother telling me about my uncle's health really kicked it into gear, and it's just no subsiding...but this one was really quite minor. They've been losing strength for more than a year now, to the point that even the most severe (such one I vaguely remember dealing with much earlier last year, during the Jessica Fiasco) don't need any kind of medication at all to quiet them down--they now just blow over on their own, as this one did.

Huzzah! Now I'm good for another six months! Or more.

Looks like along with major-league depression, I can now chock up anxiety as one more mental quirk I no longer have to really worry about.


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