Jan. 28th, 2006

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Holy crap. You can buy poppy pods right off the goddamned internet, brew 'em up into tea, and make your own homemade laudanum.

Now, don't get me wrong: I ain't advocating this craziness. The above story is about a serious painkiller addict who went so far as to buy poppy pods via the internet to homebrew his own freakin' poison to feed his addiction. Can you even imagine how disgusting that shit must taste? The author describes it as tasting like fluid squeezed from sweaty gym-socks. BLEAGH! No fucking way. And the side-effects are worse than you can ever, ever imagine.

Until I can find a reliable source for primo Chinese black tar, or ever figure out what to do with those old Turkish poppies growing in my front yard, my dreams of turning my basement into Pegritz's Dragon-Chasing Emporium must, alas, be merely dreams. Which is all for the best, I assure you.
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I don't think many of my peeps here in LJ Land will really need a resource like this, since we're all prettymuch already there, but if you know a Christian friend whom you think needs to be deconverted, send 'em along to Exchristian.org, a site collecting stories of how Christians saw the errors of their ways and joined the ranks of the enlightened.


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