Feb. 5th, 2006

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Y'all know that I'm always on the prowl for the Perfect MP3 Player for my computer. So far, nothing has been able to dethrone iTunes because iTunes' interface is just so simple and friggin' perfect. But thanks to [livejournal.com profile] laerm, I've finally discovered the ultimate iTunes killer: J. River Media Center.

When I first downloaded it to try it out, I ran into some weird memory issues...but I made sure I downloaded the installer again and this time had no trouble.

Basically, J. River has the same simple interface as iTunes but with more. One, it plays and can encode in every goddamned audio format known to man: even FLACs and APEs! Two, it gives you an amazing amount of control over your media, including catalogueing, copying and moving files, downloading album art, library maintenance, managing hierarchical playlist trees...and the tag editor, which pops up as a little persistent window in the lower left corner of the screen, allows you to change and update ID3 tags in microseconds. Seriously impressive. But it gets better. It's completely extensible with a wide range of plug-ins to handle different file-types, DSP FX (if you go for that kind of thing), and so on. It downloads and keeps track of podcasts. It can also be used as an image viewer, and it plays every form of digital video known to man. AND, it can even read pdfs and other documents. It literally can handle every form of media on earth, I think.

Best of all--I shit you not here--it almost always uses only 10 megs of memory while playing media. 10 megs, compared to iTunes' 30-60. Sure, it'll sometime hog a little more memory when updating something, or performing more complex tasks, but...10 megs to just play mp3s and OGGs is pretty damned sweet.

And if you have a handheld mp3 player of any sort...it will sync to it. This damned program syncs to anything, it seems, even a half-chewed USB cable shoved into a hole I drilled in my right mastoid process. I shit you not. I synced fourteen mp3s directly to my cochlear nerve centers. Once I get a power drill, I'll be able to sync directly with my brain.

Ohyeah, and it handles digital photography beautifully, rips CDs like a fucking charm, and has so many extensibilities, I really don't know why this thing isn't the most popular media player on earth. Literally. It gives you all of the simplicity and awesomeness of iTunes, AND MORE. It's iTunes on 'roids. Its wang cannot be denied (even less than my own can be denied).

It costs $40. But you don't have to pay that if you don't want to. I did, though, because it was so impressive I really think the company deserves my money. What really impressed me, too, was that the "trial version" I downloaded and installed to play with was fully functional from the start. It had a time-limit of 30 days, but, hell, after 30 hours of playing with it I was sold. And I am a hard sell when it comes to media players. But if ever a media player was worth the money, this one is. It's the Swiss Army Knife of computer media centers. You need it.
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Not all Muslims are going batshit crazy over a stupid cartoon.

American Muslims are angry, yes--and they have a right to be--but they're reacting in a much more sober, intelligent manner.

I still think getting all stirred up over a stupid political cartoon is fucking stupid, though. There are much, much more important things to get angry about.


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