Feb. 7th, 2006

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It's very simple. See...we have these things called nuclear weapons that the world's handful of fiercely Islamist nations do not. What do nuclear weapons do? They explode. In fact, when you explode a number of them over a city filled with people yelling and screaming about some cartoon, guess what happens? All of those people--and their entire city--turn into a cloud of radioactive dirt. If a certain number of countries are advocating ludicrous amounts of violence over a stupid fucking line-drawing of a longdead religious figure, let's give them a taste of what REAL FUCKING INSANE VIOLENCE IS.

Between the United States, the former NATO alliance countries, India, and Russia, I'm certain we have enough nuclear weapons to sterilize most Muslim nations within a few hours. We could saturate the entirety of the rabidly-Islamist Middle/Central East so that nothing would live there for a billion years. Does this mean we should eradicate all Muslim nations, or all nations containing Muslims? NO. There are Muslims living in the United States who may be upset over the cartoons--which I think is stupid, but, hey, it's their right to be pissed if they want to be--but they are not overturning cars, burning embassies, and demanding fatwas left and right. Should we nuke ourselves? NO. There are entire predominantly-Muslim countries, like Kuwait, that may be protesting but are in no way advocating violence. Should we nuke them? NO.

But it may be time to answer ridiculous violence with more, better ridiculous violence. Think about it. Annihilating a sizable portion of the world's population because it simply cannot seem to learn how to live peacefully in a modern, secular international world may very well be the only means of pacifying them. In the best interests of the rest of the world, it may be time to cauterize a certain wound that will neither stop bleeding nor stop screaming its idiotic head off over any perceived "offense." It's time to blow the dust off those old Cold-War bombs that are just sitting around anyway, point them at the biggest centers of troublemaking, and issue a simple demand: CALM THE FUCK DOWN ALREADY, OR BE OBLITERATED. WE, THE REST OF THE WORLD, ARE SICK OF YOU THROWING A FIT EVERY OTHER WEEK OVER SOMETHING STUPID.

I really don't understand the Muslim world. And, quite frankly, I don't want to anymore. I am thoroughly sick of what Islam has become. As sick of it as I am of Christianity. But when was the last time gigantic armed mobs of Christians anywhere in the First World have taken to the streets enmasse over...say, a caricature of the Pope? Or Mister JC Himself? Quite some time. A sizable portion of the Muslim world needs to grow up or just ignore the rest of the world. There's nothing wrong with isolationism, folks. If you don't want to be tainted by Western ways, CLOSE YOUR FUCKING BORDERS and IGNORE US.

Or keep pushing. All of the shit I mentioned above is basically just extremist trash-talking, very similar to what the Muslim world is used to doing lately. World history has taught me one thing: even the most inertial, peace-loving and supposedly "grown up" nations and blocs of nations can only be pushed so far. The West has all the weapons. The East has fervor and mindless faith and blind belief. Which one wins when the buttons finally get pushed? The side with the biggest, most powerful toys...and, quite frankly, I wouldn't want to see a big portion of the Islamic world vaporized. But it may happen. And all because of fucking fuel and some stupid cartoons.
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The J. River Media Center I was raving about earlier is the best program I have ever used to rip CDs. One, it encodes faster and cleaner than anything else. Two, I can actually set different encoding options depending on different types of CD. Fo' instance:

192kbps constant bitrate mp3 is perfect for just about every kind of music there is...except acoustic folk music and classical--which even at 192 suffer the only noticeable loss of quality I've ever been able to detect with compressed audio. Importing them as 256/320kbps constant bitrate mp3s works just fine. But it does seem to me as though OGG Vorbis captures a better sampling of frequencies for acoustic instruments. So, whenever I put a classical or acoustic CD in to rip, I can easily switch the settings.


This is completely the best media center on earth. It makes my cahk so wicked hahd.
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