Feb. 23rd, 2006

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And what is an "enneagram," anyway?

Nothing you don't already know about me. )

Christ...it's all true. Literally. Granted, there's a lot more to me than just the above characteristics...but they seem to be pretty damned spot-on.

The really weird thing is: I took my buddy Joe, who's planning on opening a coffeeshop in Morgantown in June, down to Jozarts, the coffeeshop/art gallery that I practically lived at while I was teaching at Cal U, so he could speak to the owners, make business contacts, and just generally check out the vibe of the place. He wasn't there two seconds and he declared it "officially totally cool." I wasn't there two seconds and some random girl came up to me and introduced herself: she's a sort of friend of Gravedigger Girl's, and an English major, who'd apparently heard about me from Cecilia (Gravedigger Girl). We ended up talking for almost three hours about...well, damnear everything--and at some point, she said: "I can just tell, you're such a Romantic, aren't you?" How the hell she got that from talking to me about my cat, horror writers, and Tim Burton movies, I don't know--but, anyway, it prompted me to take this quiz when I got home.

I say again: I was born 100 years too late. This confused, overly-cynical, and falt-out depressing world just isn't quite fit for me to live in.
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The Wet Spots, "Do You Take It?"

It is truly the best.


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