Mar. 2nd, 2006


Mar. 2nd, 2006 02:52 am
oneirophrenia: (Dracula 2) is my new favorite website. The sheer amount of awesome, focused information one can find there is amazing. The cookbook alone is worth perusing for a few hours....My god, I could feed Kirsten and myself for a year on the contents of that site alone!

But I'm thinking of starting my own Wikibook: The Pegritz Manual of Style...or, How to Easily Write More Gooder. The purpose would be to clearly indicate, and educate readers on, the grammatical and stylistic elements of writing in English which are still necessary for people to be able to understand your writing--but to also point out all the fun stylistic and orthographic tricks one can do to make your writing more appealing, more exciting, and...more gooder! Basically, imagine it as Strunk & White for contemporary writers of creative nonfiction. It'll show people first and foremost the rules that need to be left alone for comprehension's sake...yet will also point out what rules can be bent and how and why to bend them for certain effects. I think a document like this could easily fill the void in style manuals and reference books that lies between tight-assed old Strunk & White and pointless, confusing who-cares-about-reader-comprehension manuals.

Anyone want to help out?

Furthermore: Coheed and Cambria are FUCKING AMAZING. I just picked up their latest album, Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness and, my god, it's the best prog-rock album I've heard in years. I've heard all the kids talking about Coheed and Cambria and assumed they were just another wanktastic Hot Topic emo-punk band...but, jesus, they're like all the best elements of Pink Floyd, Rush, and Power Metal--yes, power metal: think early Queensryche and Iron Maiden--melded together in this unholy, ultra-catchy mutation. The album art is incredible, too: a mixture of Poe-esque gothicism, Maiden-esque zombies, and Dave McKeanish colors. Seriously...if you like adventurous rock that is not afraid of being as experimental as well as catchy, this album is ALL YOU. Thank the Other Gods the kids these days are obsessed with stuff like this....maybe, eventually, it will lead them to Yes, ELP, and the like. Glory be!
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Holy CHRIST is Electric Six's new album, Senor Smoke, fucking good. I'm telling you, people, it's like The Jam of All Jams compressed into one single album.

If I don't hear "Dance Epidemic" and "The Future is In the Future" every week at Ceremony, there's something wrong with the world...or I just need to find a new place to bust out the funk.


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