Mar. 8th, 2006

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A Gallup Poll released recently points out that about one-half of Americans believe that "God created humans at one time 'as is'" according to the Bible. But...exactly who are these people. Well, they are "[t]hose with lower levels of education, those who attend church regularly, those who are 65 and older, and those who identify with the Republican Party are more likely to believe in the biblical view of the origin of humans than are those who do not share these characteristics."

In other words: the stupid, the elderly, and Republicans.*

We can't do much with the elderly--after all, many of them simply grew up and were educated during a much-less-enlightened time (American education before the 1960s was rudimentary at best). But we can deal with the stupid and the Republican Party! The stupid can be educated--or, if they prove recalcitrant, simply shot--and...well, I'm all for outlawing the Republican Party under New Traditionalism. Of course, I'll be outlawing all political parties other than New Traditionalism, but the Republicans will certainly be the first to go.

*You'll notice that I don't include the afforementioned church attendance here. It only makes sense that people who attend church regularly will believe stuff from their holy books...but I know plenty of church-going folks who are staunch supporters of evolutionary theory.
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Ugh. I just pissed out another kidney stone. What a...strange experience.

I was at work tonight, and I just got off the phone with Kirsten. And I started feeling this weird, scratchy/sharp sort of pain in my groin. At first, I thought I'd just pinched a nerve or something--but didn't go away. And with it, suddenly, came this overwhelming need to piss. I've been drinking TONS of water lately, so of course this wasn't so unusual...but the feeling of it was.

I'd been feeling sort of "weird" in the bladder area for a while now, which didn't surprise me, since my doctor had warned me of the possibility that there still may be some grit left over in there from the stone. I didn't think it would take until today to flush out, though.

I almost went in to the hospital...but wasn't sure whether or not my health coverage (which expires at the end of this month) would cover two ER visits in under a month. I called my mother to ask if she knew, but of course she was yacking on the goddamned phone with some stupid relative so I couldn't get a hold of her. (And no, she has no idea what call waiting even is.) So I drove home...all the while feeling this awful sharp tickle and a weird "pulling" sort of feeling Down There. I wasn't even in the door five minutes when I swear I felt something give and rushed upstairs to whizz. Oddly enough, I had just called Kirsten on my mom's cellphone (because mine is broke AGAIN) to let her know what was going on...but I put her on hold and got out a Dixie cup to piss in. Sure enough: there it was. A grain of salt. Just like the last one.

The pain immediately stopped thereafter. I'm still a little sore, but it's just a faint ache. Nothing that even impinges on cosciousness unless I specifically seek it out.

So I'm taking it in to my doctor tomorrow...but it's weird that the grain got lodged in my bladder all this time. Unless all the pain I was dealing with over the past few weeks was not the result of an infection but this.

Christ. Who knows. All I know is that the second I can trade this third-rate "body" in on something flashy and robotic and FUCKING KIDNEY-LESS I'll be a much happier man.


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