Mar. 13th, 2006

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WOO! I just looked at my work schedule for the week and decided to take the night off at the newspaper so I could go see The Hills Have Eyes. I've got a LOT of comp time and personal days and whatnot left to take, so why not take a mental health break from the rigors of graphic design boredom and enjoy a good, bloody film about mental illness, radiation-induced mutation, and absolute unflinching brutality?

I've read a number of reviews for the remake of The Hills Have Eyes and it sounds like my type of film: relentless and savage. This is the only kind of horror film that truly freaks me out anymore. Monsters, aliens, psychos...I've seen it a billion times. But only the sheer degradation of innocent people and mindless violence can really touch me anymore--because even as jaded as I am, I loathe the degradation of the innocent and mindless violence. Which is why I loved The Devil's Rejects so much: as a horror film, it horrified me. It was one of the few horror films in years to actually do that. The remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre achieved that, too.

I guess I've just become too used to monsters and make-up FX. None of that even phases me anymore. I see in a finely-designed monster not a thing of horror but a thing of beauty--the alien from Alien, the Predator from Predator, and of course the thing from John Carpenter's The Thing are all examples of amazing creativity and loathesome genius. But there's nothing beautiful about sick, radiation-ravaged children who like the taste of human flesh. Or a severely-mentally-ill Texas family with a penchant for sheltering their deformed son's obsession with killing travellers. That's just horrific...and that's what I look for in a horror film these days. Looks like the remake of The Hills Have Eyes--one of my favorite '70s horror film to begin with--will deliver.

Expect a big phat slaughter-happy review to follow!


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