Mar. 19th, 2006


Mar. 19th, 2006 03:01 pm
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You may have noticed, over the past few weeks, that I've been silent about the death of Slobodan Milosevic, the former Serb president who croaked while in detention awaiting a war crimes trial. Here's why:

Slobodan Milosevic was a 100% bastard. He deserved to face war crimes trials for authorizing all manner of horrific "ethinic cleansing" abuses. But he had a heart attack and dropped dead before he could face the trials. Ohwell.

The thing is...Milosevic was a Serb. I'm a Croat. There ain't much difference between the two: Croats and Serbs are both Slavic nationalities, their languages are virtually identical, and guess what? Croatia engaged in a whole hell of a lot of war crimes, too, during the break-up of "Yugoslavia". Anybody remember that while ol' Slobodan was off massacreing Muslims in Sarajevo, Croatia was starving Serb "nationals" to death in "ethnic cleansing" camps throughout their little part of the world?

The only people in the remnants of "Yugoslavia" who DON'T deserve to be called up on war crimes trials are the Slovenes...because Slovenes never do anything. They are the Slavic Swiss. In fact, they're practically Austrian. I have a bit of Slovene in my blood, and I wish I had more, because, quite frankly, the Croat side--with its seething temper and easy-to-shut-off conscience--greatly predominates.

So why make such a media spectacle over the death of one bad man? He's dead. Good riddance. Move the fuck on. The world does not seem to understand how absolutely deep, and how far back, the absolute hatred of Croats for Serbs and Serbs for Croats--and everyone for Slavic Muslims--goes in that part of the world. You try to round up a bunch of ethnic groups that mutually despise one another (for reasons I've never been able to plumb) and jam them together into a "unified" Socialist country. That's like putting a bunch of rabid dogs in the same kennel. If you lean on them heavy with Soviet Bloc might for about 50 years, you'll keep 'em quiet...but what do you think is going to happen when you take that pressure away? Genocide, genocide, genocide! Genocide is nothing new. It's a bad thing but it happens. Hell, sometimes it might even be for the best. The Croats killed or deported all the Serbs in their little postage-stamp of property. The Serbs butchered or at least sent into hiding all Croats, Muslims, etc. in their respective lands. It's done and now everything is mostly quiet over there.

But that doesn't mean they should get away with it. Try everyone for war crimes! The Croats deserve it as much as the Serbs. The Montenegrans and Macedonians probably do, too. Hell, try the Slovenes, too, just to make sure you cover everyone! Slobodan Milosevic is dead, but what about all the others?
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Why is ANYone surprised that there's a black market in organ sales? Why is ANYbody in the entire fucking world suddenly alarmed and surprised to discover that funeral homes are selling body parts or entire bodies for organ transplants, etc.?

Why is any of this considered BAD in the first place? The number of voluntary organ donors in the world--let alone in our country--cannot posibly meet the need for organs to transplant into patients that need them. So why not carve up bodies for supplies?

Quite frankly, I don't give a flying fuck if the extra kidney in my body keeping me alive came from somebody's dead grandmother by way of a sneaky funeral home that hacked her up for spare parts and threw a bunch of rocks and PVC pipe into the coffin to make everything weight out properly. The dead grandmother wasn't using the kidneys anymore.

As far as I'm concerned, when you're dead, you're dead. You're meat for the dissecting table...and if your parts can help somebody else, then I have no problem whatsoever with the black market body-part market. Hell, I'm a voluntary organ donor, because the only part of me that matters is the brain...and that will, hopefully, be uploaded soon. Once that's done, y'all can do anything you like with the rest of me. I won't be needing it!
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Here's a neat site for you all: Erzsebet Bathory: the Opera. A Work in Progress.

The site is actually full of really neat historical information concerning the Blood Countess. And a scan of a painting of her, as well! Not a bad-looking broad. If you can get past the bathing-in-the-blood-of-young-women thing (and, dear god, I can), I think she's a decent catch.
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Yes, he does.

Anglisch nerdes rejoiceth!
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According to the band's official website, the new album, 10,000 Days, will be released on May 2nd.

Color me freakin' stoked.

Tool is one of those bands that I really wasn't into when they first debuted back in 1993 with Undertow. I picked up their earlier EP, Opiate, the year before mainly because it had this incredibly creepy spider-priest thing on the cover...and it was okay, I guess, but I wasn't that crazy about it. I liked Undertow mainly for "Sober," which is prettymuch the story of my life in one song, and "Prison Sex" was okay, too...but it didn't make that big of an impression on me, for some reason. The videos were FUCKING AWESOME, though, so I stayed interested. Then I got to see Tool live at Devopalooza '97 and it was friggin' awesome. I've been a pretty big fan since then. They are one of the best prog-rock bands out there, hands down, with one of the best drummers (Danny Carey) on the face of the earth.

The best thing about them is: they fuck around with time signatures more than any other band I've ever listened to. "Schism" is in, like, 7/9 time. That's just crazy! And yet it works.


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