Mar. 20th, 2006

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When I get more time, I'll post a longer review, but here's the scoop on the eagerly-awaited V for Vendetta film:

It's about thirty-thousand times better than the graphic novel. Period. Alan Moore is a good writer, but the graphic novel is now very, very dated and just not relevant to contemporary audiences anymore. So the story had to be updated. And my god, what a superior job of updating! The Wachowskis have prettymuch made up for their sins of the last two Matrix films with this one.

The film is viciously anti-right-wing, anti-Bush, and anti-government in general--but not anti-law or anti-order. The graphic novel was very anarchistic in its politics, and everyone on earth now knows that anarchy in the UK is a stupid concept fit only for the Sex Pistols to rail about. The film is socially responsible and a VERY strong warning of how ultra-rightist governments come to power via the use of fear and the promise of stability through "complete compliance." Positively wonderful.

I would hope that everyone seeing this film realize that It Can Happen Here, not just across the pond. And that sometimes civil disobedience requires acts of grand, symbolic violence.

If another Republican gets elected to President in this country and it's not John McCain, who is actually a patently awesome guy, then I'd better see the Capitol exploding.

Oh, and I think I've got my Halloween costume for this year, too.


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