Mar. 22nd, 2006

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So here's what happened. This chick in Florida, Debra LaFave, was a middle-school teacher. She got one of her fourteen-year-old male students to have sex with her. In her classroom. In the back of her SUV. And then she got caught, was brought up on charges of "corrupting the morals of a minor" and all that happy horseshit. Today, however, the charges against her were dropped in a successful plea bargain attempt.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Debra LaFave:

I don't even LIKE blondes, or women who look like she does in general...but, let me tell you something: 33 years old or 14, if that woman asked ME to hit it, it would without a doubt be hit.

The boy's parents and the DA are trying to make out like the dude's been done some serious harm by--god forbid!--having sex with that perfectly okay-lookin' woman. The only harm I can see coming to the dude is that...well, for him, it's basically all downhill after her. I certainly wouldn't want to go back to skeezin' on teenage broads after having a swing at someone like Debra LaFave.

But, really, all joking aside....What the woman did was ethically wrong. YOU DON'T SLEEP WITH YOUR FUCKING STUDENTS, lady. Jesus! Especially if they're in highschool. That is such a savage breach of professional ethics that I applaud her principal for firing her ass on the spot. But...was what she did in some way morally wrong? Even in terms of sexual mores? Not one damn bit. You can't tell me the sex was nonconsensual in any way. There isn't a single 14-year-old boy on this planet who would not have said, "MY GOD YES!" if Debra LaFave asked him for some skins. Sure, you can't expect a whole lot in the way of responsibility or understanding from a 14-year-old boy, but--believe me--the kid was old enough to say "Yay" or "Nay" to any such proposition. And he said, "Oh, HELL yay." So, no harm, no foul there. The problem here is a very clear-cut question of ethics, and the girl got what she deserved. Case closed.


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