Mar. 30th, 2006


Mar. 30th, 2006 12:07 am
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So, for the last few days, I've been going to various doctors, having follow-up exams and tests done to see what's up with my kidneys. The good news: no stones! I guess I pissed away any that were there.

The bad news: enlarged prostate.

I am now officially 33 years old going on 65. I was told that this could be an infection (any UTI, even one as high up as the kidneys, can lead to other parts getting secondary infections, so prostatitis is likely), and so I'm on another antibiotics that makes me kind of ill--but, nonetheless, "Mr. Pegritz, you have the prostate of a man twice your age." What. The. Fuck. The X-rays looked...weird. Something's clearly up with the damn thing, but whatever it is, it doesn't look capital-letter Bad, at least in the near term. But it has to be watched. Carefully. It's likely that I will need to have it removed in a few years--again, not that big of a deal....

But I'm 33. I SHOULD NOT be having these kinds of problems.

I have arthritis. I have fibromyalgia. I have heart trouble. I have fucking kidney stones, occasional transient gallbladder trouble, ulcers, messed-up guts (IBS in the hizzouse, yo), an enlarged prostate, AND MY GOPHER BUTT IS FULL OF GREY HAIRS.

Seriously. I am an old man. I used to think I'd be dead before I'm 40 just due to finally getting sick of everything and putting a bullet in my head. Now I think I'll just croak before 40 due to old age.

No wonder I've turned into such a hedonist. Might as well live it up now before I die of a stroke like Baudelaire at the age of 46, or colon cancer like Lovecraft at 47. One way or another, I know for damn sure I ain't making 50. Which sucks, because I'm probably going to miss out on the Singularity, unless I can become a goddamned millionnaire in under ten years and can afford to have my brain frozen for later uploading. Fuck.


Too much information: Christ, my ass still hurts. This seriously ruins my plans of going gay.
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WACKY! Surgeons remove two fetuses from infant.

The gist: a child was born with two other fertilized fetuses growing inside it--a condition known as fetus-in-fetu (song of that title coming soon). This usually happens with only one extra built-in fetus...but this kid had two! They both had died (e.g., stopped growing) at 4 months, so they were basically just dead, useless tissue anyway.

Still...kinda grody.
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WalMart is a Christian company...and, as such, won't sell stuff that it considers inappropriate, such as Mardi Gras decorations. You know, for the Christian (Catholic, at least) celebration of Mardi Gras--the last big hurrah before Lent kicks in.

We must consider, however, that the Wal-Mart in question is in the area of Kansas City. Not much intelligence to begin with out there.

Personally, I have never encountered ANYthing like this at the Wal-Marts in Uniontown, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown that I've gone to. I do know that, for instance, the chain as a whole stocks a lot of Christian stuff because that's it's party line--but what individual stores can and cannot carry is left up to the individual managers, provided it's not already spoken of in the chain rules.

As much as I laugh at stupid shit like this...Wal-Mart can sell or not sell anything it damnwell pleases. *shrug* Basic business rights.
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OK. Witness, homeboys and -grrls:

I've been plotting and, to some degree, working on a story called "Love and the Singular Man" for a transhumanist writing contest. It's a fairly basic "mismatched lovers" kind of love story involving a male lead (Cline) who is slowly upgrading himself into a posthuman and his psychologist girlfriend/partner-of-many-years who is rather unnerved by technology in general and absolutely freaked out by the fact that her lover of 22 years is basically evolving beyond her. It's a fairly simple type of narrative, ultimately, and so far I've written up a fairly straightforward chapter or two of it....

But here's the question:

If I keep doing this for the contest, it has to be pretty short. Under 2K or 3K words. But...if I do that, I'm going to have to cut out almost all the characterization, all the neat scenery and depictions of future technology--including the AWESOME FUCKING ROBOT BODY that Cline gets loaded into at one point. It will still work, but...I like these characters. They're nice people. And...what's a love story if you can't, like, get into the characters and their relationship? If I keep going with this contest thing, I think the story's going to be totally neutered.

So, should I keep it short and sweet and simple? Or should I just go balls-to-the-wall lush and detailed? Short and simple tells the tale and gets to the point, but the other option (I think) will just be more interesting. I also think that, if I make it longer, I might just publish it as a serial on or possibly seek serial publication via the WTA or something like that.

Any thoughts?


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