Apr. 4th, 2006

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by just talking to someone you love.

Yeah, I'm being cryptic. Deal.
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My gods is the new David Gilmour album good. I wasn't sure I would like it, since David Gilmour without Pink Floyd is...well, like Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. But On An Island sounds like a Pink Floyd album. The guitar work is incredible, as always, and the songwriting is strong as steel. The title track and "the Blue" are so far my too favorites, as they are both ethereal and gorgeous, with a sharp edge buried inside them, like a piece of razorblade floating in the middle of a cool summer cloud.

Quite frankly, this album is what A Momentary Lapse of Reason should have been.

And what Roger Waters' solo albums wish they were.
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Pink's new album is fucking fantastic in every way. The lyrics are wonderfully done (especially "Dear Mr. President"--probably the most vicious anti-Bush song I've heard since "DaddyuWarbash" on Skinny Puppy's The Greater Wrong of the Right--and "Stupid Girls"), the music is very diverse (ranging from hiphop-influenced dance to straightforward New Wave rock to acoustic folk), and the basic attitude behind the album is pure Pink. Basically, this album is probably the best pop album of the year.

Seriously...Pink impresses me more and more with every album. With this album, she is flatout at the top of her game.


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