Apr. 9th, 2006

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I am so ridiculously obsessed with David Gilmour's new solo album, On An Island. It's a very mellow album, for the most part, spiced up now and again by some bluesier, dancier numbers...but, honestly, even though it's nowhere near as edgy and subversive as an honest-to-gods Pink Floyd album (without Roger Waters' spiky lyrics and depression), it's a fucking Pink Floyd album. A softer, gentler Pink Floyd...but, this album makes it manifestly clear that Roger Waters' prime contribution to Pink Floyd was lyrics and concepts, while David Gilmour's guitar work and, frequently, vocals were what created the most memorable elements of "the Pink Floyd sound." This album is Wish You Were Here Part II, and "The Blue" (track 3) is probably the best song on the album--a startlingly beautiful, gentle, and incredibly lush slow number that reminds me of "Us and Them" confabulated with the instrumental sections of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." And the lyrics are just so lovely....

Shameless sea
Aimlessly so blue
Midnight-moon shines for you

Still, marooned
Silence drifting through
Nowhere to choose
Just blue...

Star-crossed you and me
Save our souls
We'll be forever blue

Waves roll
Lift us in blue
Drift us
Seep right through
And colour us blue

Wait for me
Shamelss you, the sea
Soon, the Blue
So soon...

To a synaesthetic like me, the song literally is blue--a soft, amorphous sea of warm, rippling blue silk like the Caribbean under a full moon. And...the lyrics definitely put me in mind of a certain someone, whose identity I'm sure you can all guess. This is the kind of song you want to be listening to while you're lying on an abandoned beach with someone you adore, because Gilmour's climactic guitar solo is enough to make you want to literally melt entirely into someone else.

For those of you who dig Floyd, or really lush space-rock liberally dosed with bluesy riffs, this is the album that A Momentary Lapse of Reason should have been. And just take a look at the guest list on it: Richard Wright and Andy Newmark (both originally with the Floyd), Phil Manzanera, Chris Thomas, Graham Nash and David Crosby. It's a Pink Floyd album, people, even though--apparently--Polly Samson, Gilmour's wife, wrote most of the lyrics. Regardless, just get it.

This album gets Pegritz's Best Rock Album of the Year Award, hands down. Yeah, the year ain't even a quarter over, but that doesn't matter: there is no way two rock albums this freaking good can come out in a single 12-month period.


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