Apr. 11th, 2006

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From today's SomethingAwful.com update--a random glimpse of...die Zukunft:

"As our societal intellect develops the human sense of humor will have greater needs than those provided today. Comedy of the future will require fart amplification devices to keep up."


"Teachers of the future will need to be more alert, as their students will be much more crafty when it comes to covert communication. Where students today pass paper notes across classrooms, tomorrow's children may shine laser beams into each other's eyes using a form of Morse code -- a method certain to be undetectable by anyone but each other."

I can attest to the existence of the latter, actually. When I was at Cal U, one of my colleagues told me he'd caught someone flashing messages to some girl across the room with a laser pointer. I found that more than a little odd, but hey...the future is in the future, and the past is a thick brick wall, people.
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OK. Here's some serious weirdness for you folks. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I should follow up on this situation, let me know, because...quite frankly, I'm quite puzzle here.

To start with, I closed my one and only credit-card account back in August. Or...I thought I had. I discovered last week that the account had NOT been closed thanks to the idiocy of one of Chase Manhattan's customer service employees. I made certain that it is now 125% closed, as in nonexistent, shut down, defunct, kaput. The thing is...the card has been cut up and disposed of since August, and every service (for instance, my net hosting company) that billed anything to my credit card has either been cancelled or transferred to my bank account. But. As I was officially closing the card account last week, I was told that there were two services--and only two--that had been billing my card monthly since then. One was this stupid credit-card insurance thing that I'd gotten years before and had also cancelled in the past...but, due to even MORE idiocy on their part, that account hadn't been cancelled either. That was easily taken care of, though.

On the other hand...the real mystery comes in with the second entity that was billing my card. I was told that PeoplePC had been billing me $14.95 a month since August. That didn't make any sense at all, as I'd NEVER signed up for anything with PeoplePC. I do remember seeing a $14.95 charge on my credit card in the past from them, but that is what my internet hosting company (1and1.com) charges for my many domains and stuff--I had just assumed that 1and1.com had been bought out by PeoplePC and that's why PeoplePC was being listed as the billing entity/vendor on my credit card. But. In August, when I thought I'd closed my credit card, I'd transferred billing for internet hosting to my debit card/bank account...and they've been charging me as normal, again under the name 1and1.com.

So why was PeoplePC charging me this? I've never had anything to do with them!

I called them up and discovered that I've been a subscriber to their dial-up service since 2003. What. The. Fuck? I haven't had dial-up service since...2002, at least--which is when I got broadband here at the Lab. I used to have a Stargate account for dial-up service when I lived in Pittsburgh, but I cancelled that account ages ago when I moved in with Bighead Jennifer. I asked the fellow I spoke with at PeoplePC customer service if, perhaps, they'd inherited my account from Stargate--but they hadn't. Somehow, I've had an account with them for three years and never signed up for it.

Well, at present, the account is officially closed. They're also sending me copies of ALL my account information--sign-up costs, billing, etc. for the past three years so I can possibly ascertain how this happened. I am completely dumbfounded here, and feel like a dipshit for not having questioned the fact that PeoplePC was billing me for three years--but, again, I thought that was my web hosting cost. BIZARRE!

I wonder if I have any legal reasons to follow up with this now. I won't know how to proceed until all that paperwork arrives and I can see what was happening from the outset, but I'm wondering if I should seek legal advice on this matter since I've apparently been shelling out close to $300 a year for dial-up service that I never even signed up for.

Seriously...this is fucking weird. I can understand employee error not closing out a credit card when I specifically asked them to do it--Chase hires the stupidest people on earth--but this? Somewhat different story.


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