Apr. 19th, 2006

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To edit and update every single Wikimipedia article dealing with Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Mythos, and all related Lovecraftian subjects. Many of the entries are currently very reliable...but, unfortunately, many of those dealing with characters derived from HPL's writings (for instance, my boy Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos) are simply overloaded with referents to Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu and other RPG sources. This needs to be remedied by the proper addition of scholarly info regarding these characters. And, goddamn it, I have an MA in this stuff! So it's high time I stepped to the plate.
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Got a lot of new music, lately. Here's a quick rundown on it for y'all:

Capsize, A Perfect Wreck. Synthpop at it's finest: extremely melodic, catchy, and eurocentric--no thud-thud-thud trance beats here, folks, just great electronic pop that fans of Violator-era Depeche Mode, early Cosmicity, and Alphaville will greatly enjoy. Make sure you get the special edition with the remixes, though. The remixes are, for the most part, okay--they're certainly not must-haves--but the special edition is a dollar more than the regular one, so if you can find the special edition, that extra dollar just means more stuff for you!

Die Form, ExHuman. HOLY FUCK. I was never that big a fan of Die Form's earlier albums. That fetish shit just doesn't move me, really, and the music always struck me as kind of boring...though it did have brilliant moments of ethereality laced with rough-edged industrial beats. Well, this album ain't nuttin' but brilliant moments! Operatic vocals, jagged beats (lots of hideous distortion highly reminiscent of Architect), surprisingly catchy melodies, intricate synth work...quite frankly, the album sounds like something Nyarlathotep would do--Delerium gnawing on a mouthful of rusty razorblades. I think this may be the world's first transhumanist fetish album. Seriously. It's fucking amazing.

Gary Numan, Jagged. YES! It finally arrived. The new Numan album. Since Herr Numan decided to go goth/industrial back in the mid-90's, I've found a lot of his work to be...well, subpar--Exile had some good moments, and Pure sounded like a NIN-wannabe album, even if it, too, was pretty fun. But each album has been getting progressively better and more interesting, and the process is finally starting to culimate with Jagged. This album is AWESOME AS HELL. It still is more NIN than Numan in sound, but despite the preponderance of heavy guitars, there's still plenty of characteristic Numan synthwork, and the lyrics/vocals are really cool this time around. The lead track "Pressure" is an industrial-rock masterpiece with moments of a surprisingly eastern flare. The track just can't sit still! It's incredibly dynamic, which is something Numan usually doesn't do: the song alternates driving, guitar-heavy moments with quiet, synth-rich interludes to create a really ominous, tense atmosphere that finally manages to perfect the industrial sound that Numan's been trying out for years now. This is the real deal, folks. There isn't a single weak track on this album. It's motherfucking Numan, people. Get it.

Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck. HOLY FUCK! [livejournal.com profile] inmostlight, you were right: this band is 100% Pegritz Awesome. I can't believe this album was entirely recorded live: it's so tight and professional-sounding....Anyway, Holy Fuck sounds like the Faint crossed with Out Hud and !!!: an awesome melange of dance beats provided by an actual drummer beneath spiky layers of analog synths and bizarre atmospherics and oldskool drum machines. The music is so wicked and propulsive you just have to yell out "Holy fuck!" when you hear it, so their band name is very appropriately chosen. This is dance music for indie freaks and IDM freaks. It's like a New Wave band from about 1983 discovered distortion pedals and got really, really drunk and just decided to jam for a few hours. Seriously, if "Korock" or "Korg Rhythm Afro" don't get you up and twitching spasmodically in your living room, there's something wrong with you and I don't want to know you anymore.

Russian Circles, enter. Wow. Pretty. Russian Circles play long, instrumental prog-rock music that's extremely reminiscent of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Rush, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Coheed and Cambria, but all with a much darker--but incredibly melodic--sensibility. "Death rides a horse" could very well be the soundtrack to a latter-day John Carpenter film. It's really good stuff, and if you like prog, it's a must-have.

Tool, 10,000 Days. Shhhh. Don't tell. I got a prerelease version of this album, which may or may not eventually be the final version, but...who cares? It's MOTHERFUCKING TOOL! And, yes, this is definitely a Tool album. Progressive metal at it's odd-time-signature finest. I really liked Tool's last album, Lateralus, for its wonderful combination of memorable hooks and unbelievably weird time-signatures (I think "Schism" is in, like, 9/15--that's just craziness!), but this album has Lateralus beat. "Vicarious" kicks things off in very typical Tool fashion--a great song, just nothing special--but then kicks into "Oh My Fucking God" overdrive with "Jambi," which honestly sounds like Tool getting the shit beat out of them by Skinny Puppy and Rush. It's a totally awkward song with a splintered, offkilter dance beat reminiscent of SP's "Candle" and buzzy, grinding guitars that create an extremely malevolent air. But the album's not all prog-metal thrash skull-crushing wickedness: "Wings for Marie (Pt. 1)" is a surprisingly quiet, if ominous, track that actually puts me in mind of bleak Kansas highlands full of stunted trees and empty, wrecked farmhouses where hideous atrocities involving the body-parts of the deceased were committed. In fact, the entire album has a weird, serial-killer-movie feel to it--which is just awesome, because I'm sure the lyrics have NOTHING to do with the sound of the album. That's Tool's greatest strength: they can take surprisingly pretty lyrics and swamp them in absolutely daemoniac music--case in point: "Parabol/Parabola," my favorite song(s) from Lateralus. The song's a beautiful meditation on love and stuff like that, but the music is driving as a railroad spike being pounded into your forehead. Anyway, 10,000 Days is an AMAZING album. The second it's available, get it.

OK, that's it. Enjoy.
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Ladies and gentlethings, I present to you, the funniest--and truest--"guide" to Wikipedia ever published.

I still think the site is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but anytime you have a completely democratic environment, you're going to have crazy conflict. You CANNOT have the "good" without the "bad" in a situation like this. So, what do you do? You make fun of the bad, realize it's there, and work to increase the amount of good. I'm doing this with the Lovecraft entries. Cait Kiernan is doing this with paleontological entries (since she is a paleontologist, you know: an expert in the damn field).

But the article's funny as hell anyway.

Best quote:

Well, Wikipedia exists in a state of quantum significance flux. It'ssimultaneously a shining, flawless collection of incontrovertibleinformation, and a debased pile of meaningless words thrown together byuneducated lemurs with political agendas. It simply cannot exist in anystate between these two extremes.

How can you not love something in a state of quantum fluxtuation?!


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