Apr. 21st, 2006

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One of my alltime favorite non-industrial cyberpunk songs is Queensryche's "NM 156" from their incredibly good power-metal album The Warning (which also features wonderful songs about sword-wielding warriors and the Antichrist and everything else you'd expect from power-metal). And yet...in the middle of all the neo-medeival Conanism, there's this awesome song about a world owned and controlled by machines that is strongly reminiscent of a combination of "Mr. Roboto" and Rush's "2120", and could almost be viewed as the flipside of Gary Numan's "M.E." Here're the lyrics:

Uniform printout reads end of line
Protect code intact leaves little time
Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed
My hands shake, my push buttons silence
The outside world

One world government has outlawed war among nations
Now social control requires population termination

Have we come too far
To turn around
Does emotion hold the key?*
Is logic just a sentiment for
This savagery, disguised in
Forgotten lost memory

Microchip logic
have we no more thought
"Is this wrong?" I enter
Answers sought
Punch, punch, punch -- transfer this data
Into code. Wide eyes watch my
Number 156 is shown

Created from past life to perform illicit function
I fail this conscious madness
I man/machine imperfection

Have we come too far
To turn around
Does emotion hold the key?
Is logic just a synonym for
This savagery, disguised in
Forgotten lost memory

End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line
End of line

It's just so War Games! Everytime I listen to this song I imagine the world after a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War, ruled over by a half-broken-down old SAC mastermind computer who has decided to rule humanity but is slowly breaking down...to the point that it realizes the only way to service itself is to recreate its creator, the only person (who probably died in the war, incidentally) who has access rites to its outdated old code. I see banks of magnetic tape whirling...punch-cards lying covered in dust on tables, skeletons reclining in their command seats before terminals lit with bright greeen ASCII streams, a half-mutated populace wandering around all bald and doped up as in THX-1138 and one man who just can't figure out why he wants to shut the Great Machine down....

FUCK! Retar-D2 needs to cover this song sooooooooooo badly. It can't be that difficult to turn a power-metal song into a ominous synthpop number with samples of sounds from Missile Command and War Games.
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I got called in to work at the newspaper today....Well, they asked me to come in yesterday, actually, because they needed someone to help them scan all the pictures of grotesquely tarted-up little girls for the yearly Dance Tab. It didn't take as long as I thought, and I just got home. Now I'm gonna take a nap so I can go see Silent Hill this evening. Tomorrow, I will probably be getting my new stove delivered!!! May the Other Gods bless the concept of free appliances that used to belong to friends!

Even though work today was boring as shit and I only got, like, five hours of sleep...last night was really awesome. I will never be able to listen to Nurse with Wound's Salt Marie Celeste the same way again. :)
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[livejournal.com profile] greygirlbeast posted earlier today concerning the Mars Explorer's new Three Ages of Mars data which delineates the history of Mars' water-rich early age and so on. The data clearly indicates one thing:

The Old Ones from HPL's At the Mountains of Madness created all life on earth millions of years ago. Well...they probably had a concurrent experiment going on Mars. But what happened there that it had to be abandoned? Were the Old Ones just really good at bioengineering but knew nothing of terraforming? Did they just write off Mars since they had a good thing going on Earth? Or did something happen on Mars that they had to kill the entire biosphere to prevent it from making its way to Earth...? In Pegritzworld, the latter is far more likely and will make a FUCKING AWESOME STORY.

I've always thought At the Mountains of Madness needed a contemporary sequel. Now's the time, folks. Now is the time. And I'm the motherfucker to do it.
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I had an idea late last night while driving home. I was driving on one of the backroads to my house at, like, 4am...and there were small leaves or petals from some flowering tree drifting in the breeze. They looked like ash. And I got to thinking...what if there were a nanoplague released on the planet that was killing the entire biosphere and reducing it to ash--every single living thing on earth, reduced to fixed carbon and oxygen...except for humans, whom the plague has made immortal. Why is this happening? Because someone really, really, really hated humanity and wants our entire species to suffer living forever on a completely dead world inhospitable to even bacteria. What a horrific scenario. But it could lead to some beautiful images: people sitting around shocked and half-mutated by the plague while everything is crumbling around them....

Yeah. It's pretty obvious I don't write "happy" stories, huh?
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Private space tourism venture saves free seats for teachers!

I'm going to totally go into space and make contact with one of the eldritch Spawn of the Other Gods that live in orbit, let it possess me, and come back to earth to wreak unimaginable eldritch chaos very eldritchly! I will be crawling when I do it, too. Definitely will give Nyarlathotep a hell of a stage show, won't it?
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Prosecutor says: Priest's blade fits nun's wounds.

It's actually a really awful story about a priest who killed a nun by stabbing her with a sword-shaped letteropener...but a title like "Priest's blade fits nun's wounds" is just begging to be made into a scratchy, evil IDM track a la Venetian Snares' "Befriend a Childkiller." I'll have to start a whole new sideproject to release something like that, though, because it's definitely not material that would fit well under any of my current projects. I'm thinking Unsubtle Heresiarch would be a good project name.

[livejournal.com profile] hearandnow, this sounds like something you might be interested in. :)


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