Apr. 26th, 2006

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As you know, I've taken it upon myself to edit, update, and otherwise fix each and every Lovecraft-related page on Wikipedia, the greatest source of information known to man. So far, my edits have been pretty simple and basic: I've been cleaning up a great deal of spelling and grammatical errors, updating some textural information, and so forth...but I've also started adding pages for the new Penguin Classics editions of Lovecraft's works, since now that Arkham House is defunct, they are prettymuch the standard texts.

And speaking of standard, corrected texts...Wikipedia's sister site, WikiSource, has--quite literally--damnear everything Lovecraft ever wrote online. These texts are usually taken from older, imperfect texts (many taken from the abysmall, error-laden Del-Rey editions with the lurid, silly covers)...so I've been going through them one by one and updating them properly. Pretty soon, folks, you'll have access to everything by the Master just as he intended it! FOR FREE!

Incidentally, due to his longstanding association with the amateur press, it's almost a certainty that HPL would've greatly approved of such things as WikiSource, Creative Commons, and the like. I'm just doing my part to ensure that everything available is just as he meant it to be.
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OH NO! Grandpa Munster warns that "Iran will harm U.S. interests if attacked!"

Well, duh. If someone attacks your country, of course you're going to respond! It only makes sense!

But, at the same time...when the entire world is telling you "Stop fucking around with nuclear" shit and then threatens force to make you stop, if you keep on doing it, you only have yourself to blame when your ass gets bombed.

Go ahead and enrich uranium for nuclear power plants to better your people. But pack it into bombs and you might as well just nuke your own citizenry, because if you don't Israel or probably the United States is going to do it for you. Pathetic.

PS: Anyone who gets the musical reference in this post is FUCKING TOO COOL FOR SKOOL.
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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] popejeremy:

"There are men nowadays who cannot distinguish between the truth and the last thing they happen to have read."


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