Apr. 28th, 2006


Apr. 28th, 2006 03:45 am
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NASA says comet fragments won't hit Earth.

*Le sigh*

When will I ever get to enjoy a proper fucking apocalypse? This goddamned Thunderdome in my back yard is just going to waste as it is....
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Man, I wish I could go to <a href="http://sss.stanford.edu/>The Singularity Summit</a>. It's got Kurzweil, Nick Bostrom, Cory Doctorow....Just <i>awesome</i>. And it's FREE TO THE PUBLIC! But I'd still have to find some way to Stanford, CA, and that would probably involve flying and money I don't have. Shite. Ohwell, it ain't like the Singularity won't come for me. Hell, for all I know, it'll start on my damned computer when I try to teach myself C++ to create my own media player and accidentally create a genetic algorithm that will consume all the digitized music in the world and somehow achieve sentience as the greatest record nerd the universe has ever known!
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So I woke up this morning at eleven a.m. to my mother screaming her head off. For some reason, she'd gone into my basement for something and found the floor an inch deep in water. Seems one of the plastic couplings that useless redneck bastard who "fixed" my bathroom/kitchen plumbling last year has broken and there was water spraying all over the damned place. I turned the valve off and spent a few hours motherfucking my luck and sweeping water down the corner drain....But then the question of how I was to repair this situation came up. My mother was already on the phone to the redneck, willing to spend $100+ an hour to get him out here to fix it, when I literally wrenched the phone out of her hand and told her to stuff it. I've got friends who do this kind of simple plumbing work, and with their help, I figure I can do it myself. I mean, I even know what kind of part to get: I separated the pipes and took the broken coupler up to Lowe's. A new one was $5. And Lynn's coming over at 6:00 or 7:00 to show me how to fix it properly. D. I. Fucking. Y.

Guh. I just know my basement's going to get all mouldy now and make me sneeze myself silly. Shit.


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