May. 15th, 2006

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New England flooding to get worse.

I hear there are some reports from New Hampshire involving large, "crab-like" creatures being found in the floodwaters rushing down from the more mountainous regions....Idaknow about y'all, but the Yuggothians seriously need to learn how to swim. Or just move the hell out of flood-prone areas.
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Is it just me, or has Google Claendar been acting very, very weird over the last few days? I've had all manner of rendering problems, as though the CSS style information just won't load, and a lot of functionality (like editing the details of an event once it's beenc reated) just flatout don't work. I understand there're probably a lot of bugs still floating around--I'm just wondering if other folks have been encountering the same bugs as I have.
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A nice, if somewhat limited, account of the Singularity Summit that took place over the weekend and that I couldn't fucking go to because it was in California.

I'm currently working on a series of silly little tales for a transhumanist writing contest: they're all about what actually happens during the Singularity Decade (no, it won't happen overnight: it's just a convenient name for a period of rapid technological development and paradigm shifting), and so far I have two of them started:

"The God of Tech Support's 'Last' Ride" -- or, what happens to tech support people when software and hardware can not only fix itself but explain to stupid monkeys (aka 1.0 Humans) how to work them.


"The Sistahood of the Wearable" -- or, how the combination of teenage girls' savage need for acceptance and ubiquitous cellphone/IM technology leads to the formation of group-mind cognitive structures, and the first truly posthuman entities evolve from teenage girls.

Also, I may have to give a number of these stories characters named after songs from AFX's Analord series, 'cause "Cilonen" just sounds like the PERFECT name for an emergent MI. Of course, the first MI will always turn out to be the Googleplex (or Mother Google), which self-evolves out of recursive search heuristics when somebody does a search for "How do I become sentient?" HA!


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