Jun. 5th, 2006

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Unhelig is a fucking awesome industrial band. Epic, driving, and German--as all the best industrial is (with the exception of Skinny Puppy and FLA).

No wonder I like 'em, though: one of their members, Jose Alvarez-Brill was a member of both De/Vision and Wolfsheim, two of my alltime favorite German synthpop bands. Unhelig actually manages to be stompy and driving while still being melodic, interesting, and creative in their arrangements. Hell, sometimes they're even pretty. They remind me of Orplid crossed with Rammstein, then remixed by Beborn Beton.

Good stuff. Forget that EBM shit the kids suck up these days, this is the real deal.
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Well, not quite yet--but Samsung is already installing 20gb flash drives in their top-of-the-line laptop models in Korea, which will no doubt be landing here in the States soon enough.

The article notes that, presently, the doubling rate for flash capacity is every nine months. But later on, Bill Healy, the senior VP of Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies, says that: "This is the vision of the future [a 1-inch-square 1tb flash drive]....It might take 20 years to get there...but it won't cost you anymore than it would today."

20 years? Are you fucking kidding me, dude? A few years ago, the capacity-doubling time for flash storage media was approximately eighteen months. Now it's nine. As market forces put more and more pressure on storage manufacturers to switch over to multi-gb flash drives, Moore's Law is going to shrink further and further. I'd be willing to put money on a 1tb flash drive appearing in no less than seven years, tops. I doubt it'll be 1-inch square at least to start with...but who cares what size it is? The capacity matters first.


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