Jun. 9th, 2006

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Good lord, the old men behind the MPAA are a bunch of complete frickin' idiots, if their President Dan Glickman is any example.

Quoth Glickman, concerning how the Grateful Dead allowed fans to freely tape their concerts and buy/sell/trade those bootlegs:

It is ridiculous to believe that you can give product away for free and be more successful. I mean it defies the laws of nature.

Would a clothing store give all their clothes for free? Would a car dealership give all its cars for free? Of course not. If they don't make a profit in this world they're out of business. That's just the laws of human nature.

Does this dummy even have the vaguest idea of the difference between media and hardcopy goods? When you copy an mp3, you make a perfect digital copy of that file...and the original is still there. If you steal a car, that car is gone: not copied, GONE.

And regardless of that...giving people what they want for free is called MAD PROMOTIONAL SKILLS. Why? Because it drums up interest in the product itself. How many bands these days offer free high-quality mp3s of tracks in order to generate interest in their albums?

Jesus. Big Media is unbelievably stupid.

Ann Coulter

Jun. 9th, 2006 06:06 pm
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You know, Ann Coulter wouldn't be talking anywhere near so much bullshit if she experienced my wang.

Ann? Seriously, girl. Gimme a call.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cyano, I now know that Henry Rollins thinks the same way as me. And I say this to my boy Henry: It's all good if I get her first, dude. I mean, friends share. I can't very well be humpin' her all the time, after all.
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Ladies and gentlemen...

Direct Neural Interfacing with computers has just gotten yet another step closer.

I guarantee you that the first text string I generate with a DNI will be "Fuckin' A!"


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