Jun. 16th, 2006

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Ugh. I'm getting a migraine....Yes. Again. Two in one week. This is unheard of. But, then again...I stopped it from coming on Tuesday, so now it must be trying again. Hopefully I got it in time.

Anyway, here's the Pegritz Thought of the Day to get some discussion going and hopefully take my mind off my endless ills:

A while ago, I read an awesome sci-fi novel called Sacrifice of Fools by Irish sci-fi god Ian McDonald. It basically involved humanoid aliens colonizing parts of Ireland, and though humanoid aliens are 1) impossible and 2) stupid, the novel was amazing because it was fundamentally an allegory of Irish politics and sectarian violence. Which brings us to this:

The alien Shians have lived in peace amongst themselves for thousands of years because of a transnational, independent "policing" body called Foolkillers, an incredibly secretive order that exists for one reason: to assassinate any and all "fools" who might be stirring up segments of any nation-state, populace, etc. toward violence against others. Shian politicians and cultural leaders demand peaceable negotiations of disputes because, basically, if they threaten aggression, a Foolkiller--who can be anyone, since they stay permanently incognito amongst the populace--will assassinate them before they can do any damage.

Humanity needs Foolkillers. We need an elite order of highly-trained assassins dedicated to preserving peace by removing demagogues, preachers of violence, and heads-of-state who urge their respective populaces/cultural groups to violent action. People like George W. Bush, Usama bin Laden, that Al-Zarqawi guy, the currrent president of Iran (whose name I can never remember for some reason), Slobodan Milosevic, leaders of any kind of violent anti-whatever organization like the KKK or neo-Nazis, and so forth would all be quietly and efficiently assassinated once their motives were clearly established to be advocating violence.

Because remember, people: Mohatma Ghandi was a fluke. The only answer to violence is even greater violence. But not indiscriminate violence. In a world watched over an order of Foolkillers, there would have been no invasion of Iraq. George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden would've all been taken out of the equation before any form of large-scale violence would've erupted.

Now, you may ask: Who watches the watchmen? Well, obviously, the Foolkillers police their own. In fact, the whole point of Sacrifice of Fools was that one member of the order had gone rogue and assassinated the wrong person. She was quickly tracked down by members of her own order and eliminated.

So. Foolkillers. Discuss.


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