Jul. 7th, 2006

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I discovered at work today that there was a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in Uniontown, and since I was done with work at 11, I just rolled on over there to check it out.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Right now, I'm too sleepy to go into much detail, but...my gods, Davey Jones and the crew of the Flying Dutchman are the literal and absolute embodiment of everything that the term "Lovecraftian" defines--from cosmic horror all the way up to and most definitely including lots and lots of tentacles.

I'd be more than willing to serve a hundred years before the mast if I could only be mutated into an animate heap of coral, coelenterates, and cephalopods!
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BTW, Sam Harris--author of The End of Faith--is my absolute fucking hero.

From the above-linked interview on Salon.com (the site which I fully regard as the greatest liberal site on earth:

We've been talking about how intolerant so many religious people can be. But aren't you asking us to be very intolerant of religion?

It may sound paradoxical but it's not. I'm advocating a kind ofconversational intolerance. It's really the same intolerance we express everywhere in our society when someone claims that Elvis is still alive, or that aliens are abducting ranchers and molesting them. These are beliefs that many people have. But these beliefs systematically exclude them from holding positions of responsibility. The person who's sure that Elvis is still alive and expresses this belief candidly does not wind up in the Oval Office or in our nation's boardrooms. And that's a very good thing. But when the conversation changes to Jesus being born of a virgin or Mohammed flying to heaven on a winged horse, then these beliefs not only do not exclude you from holding power in society; you could not possibly hold power, in a political sense, without endorsing this kind of thinking.

It should be terrifying to us because many of these beliefs are not just quaint and curious, like beliefs in Elvis. These are beliefs about the end of history, about the utility of trying to create a sustainable civilization for ourselves -- specifically, beliefs in eschatology.These are maladaptive. For instance, if a mushroom cloud replaced thecity of New York tomorrow morning, something like half the Americanpeople would see a silver lining in that cloud because it would presage to them that the end of days are upon us.

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Quick Rules: Put down the first thing that pops into your head.
Don't Delete and try again. Stick to your first answer!
Have fun :)

1. Cigarettes: Coughing my fucking lungs out.

2. Sex: I barely remember the last time.

3. Relationships: Hell on earth.

4. Your Last Ex: Psychotic cunt.

5. Power rangers: Gay.

6. Marijuana: Falling asleep while hungry.

7. Crack: What most people think I'm on.

8. Food: I need a fucking KitKat.

9. This President: Assassination.

10. War: UH! What is it good for?

11. Cars: NUMAN.l

12. Gas Prices: Whenever gas drops under $1 I get a woodrow.

13. Halloween: Ministry.

14. Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet.

15. Religion: A canker on the human mind.

16. MySpace: Necessary evil.

17. Worst Fear: Dying suddenly.

18. Marriage: Never in a billion years. Not even if Lucretia Borgia asked.

19. Fashion: What is that?

20. Brunettes: I could care less about hair color.

21. redheads: Nearly every girl I've ever dated.

22: Work: Teaching is awesome.

23: Pass the time: Writing music.

24. One night stands: Never did it before, but I'm starting to rethink that....

25. cellphones: Might as well implant them.

26: Pet Peeves: Inconsistency.

27: Pixie Stixx: YUM!

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: Ice Ice Baby.

29: Porta Potties: Heat, stink, and flies.

30: High school: Lots of ugly, annoying girls and boys with big teeth.

31: Pajamas: medical scrubs.

32. Wood: I've got it.

33. Surfers: Butthole.

34. Pictures: Ruins and flowers.

35. First True Love: Morticia Addams.
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That's right...almost the entire movie as an animated gif. Amazing!


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