Jul. 14th, 2006

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In order to fully reawaken the Lovecraftian scholar in me, and do research for a number of "alternate Lovecraft" stories featuring Grandpa Theobald in different professions (astronomer) or different locations (Pittsburgh) taking on cosmic forces, I've been rereading Joshi's wonderful H. P. Lovecraft: A Life for, like, the twentieth time. And in my reading of HPL's early life, I've discovered some almost frightening parallels between his formative years and mine. To the point where I almost feel like HPL reincarnated and fated to go through the exact same experience this time around. Witness:

1. As a child, HPL was very likely effected by chorea minor, a rather mild nervous illness that causes facial ticks and the like. Up until the time I was about 15 or 16, about the time that chorea minor begins to disappear on its own, I was unbelievably ridden by assorted nervous ticks, twitches, and the like. My face would hurt sometimes from the strain of wincing uncontrollably, grimacing, snorting, and otherwise twitching. I am still, as Lovecraft was, incredibly twitchy (I cannot for the life of me keep my legs or feet still) even as an adult, but the facial ticks are finally, for the most part, gone--unless something makes me incredibly nervous.

2. Lovecraft was troubled by poor health his entire life, including periods of severe digestive trouble. I need not remind anyone of what landed me in the hospital most recently.

3. Lovecraft was incredibly tied to his family home, and when forced to move by Whipple Phillips' death, he damnear came to pieces for a while and even contemplated suicide. And I'm sure I again need not remind anyone of my attachment to home. If I ever move out of southwestern Pennsylvania, it sure as hell won't be at my instigation.

4. Lovecraft was a precocious reader, who'd learned Latin by the time he was eight, read all the Classical authors by the time he was ten, and was a bit of a scientific prodigy in childhood, especially concerning history and astronomy. I nearly burnt the house down with a childhood chemistry set, had read almost everything from Bulfinch's Mythology to the complete works of Stephen King by the time I was eleven, and learned both SPanish and a good smattering of Latin by fourteen--mainly to help in my Classical studies and my rabid love of Egyptology and astronomy. (I still have all my old telescopes in the attic. Should bust them out again someday.)

5. Lovecraft had few childhood friends his own age, preferring the more intellectual and stimulating companionship of adults. I found kids my own age ridiculously boring, and spent most of my childhood hanging out with the old miners and bubbas, because they knew about the wondrous past.Oh, and another thing: Lovecraft was obsessed with the past, and gods know I was, too.

The comparisons go on and on. Like, surprisingly so....I doubt I'll see 50 as well. Considering how much trouble I have with my guts, it will not surprise me one bit when I am finally diagnosed with cancer of the intestine as well. But I won't be dying in a hospital.
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Here's the stuff I've been listening to recently, in brief:

Insekt - Teenmachine. Oldskool industrial just can't be beat. This stuff slaps that worthless neo-trance "futurepop" crap upside its collective face with a phat cybernetic dick.

Sade - The Best of Sade. Sade is Sex Music. The end. "The Sweetest Taboo" has even managed to give my sluggish sex drive a tickle.

Elephone - Elephone. Not Elefant, Elephone. One half The Editors, the other half Joy Division. Damn good post-punk.

The Robocop Kraus - They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus. HOLY SHIT! If Talking Heads, Devo, and Missing Persons had a German baby, it would be this band!

Her Space Holiday - The Astronauts Are Sleeping. Pretty, but very very depressing, indie rock/synthpop. This is all the shit I've been feeling for Kirsten set to music. Sad, but beautiful.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Ferocious Mopes. Pretty average indie rock--nothing really to write home about, but fun and occasionally silly. GREAT songtitles, too! "So I'm in Love with an Android" is by far the best song on the album.

Bjork - Post. Bjork's voice can be incredibly irritating or incredibly beautiful. Half of this album is irritating, the other half fucking incredible. I'd forgotten how good this album was.

Madonna's Breakfast Club demos. Bet you didn't know that the same Breakfast Club who had a one-hit wonder with "Back on Track" in 1986 once featured Madonna as their lead vocalist! Really lo-fi, badly-produced post-punk, but it's fine because...man, it's Madonna and Breakfast Club!

Mates of State - Bring It Back. Ohyes. The return of oldskool synthpop. The Arcade Fire really wishes they were Mates of State. The Mates of State really wish they were A Flock of Seagulls--but that's a good thing. Everyone should wish they were A FLock of Seagulls.
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Honestly, I barely know who Ellen Feiss is...the only thing I really know about her is that she starred in some ads for somebody in the past and is really, really cute.

Well, she's in a French movie called Bed and Breakfast...which looks like it's going to be a positively beautiful film--and not just because Ellen Feiss is in it.


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