Jul. 17th, 2006

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The Nyarlathotep, THE ROCKING CHAOS! Details will follow, but for now, check out this freshness:

Holy shit did Megan and I kick out the jams. That girl can play, people. All I did was sequence stuff on the laptop and play with synths--that girl actually has talent. :)

Also, that's Fritz Lang's Metropolis in the background. And, according to [livejournal.com profile] kaspellsgoddess, our music synced perfectly with the film...which is surprising, because it was just on as random background for the show. *Shrug* Cool, though, huh?

Read all about it tomorrow, once I reawaken from the coming coma.

(I love sepia-toned photos, BTW. Fuck this black-and-white goth shit--it's all about the faded celluloid and the yellowed paper scribbled with blurry ink and crappy old typewritten script. THAT is the Chaos style!)
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Monkey-boy Bush overheard cussin' about Hezbollah to Tony 'Sexy Tie' Blair.

The cuss:

"See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over."

*puzzled look*

You call that cussin'?

George W. Bush has just proved himself to be a complete and utter candyass if the worst word he can pull out of the Scrabble-bag of his mind is "shit." Here are a few alternates which I believe would've worked better:

"Motherfucking Syria better get Hezbollah under control or some fuckers gonna get cruise missiles up their asses again."

"You want irony? I've got some motherfucking irony for you: Syria needs to pull Hezbollah's dicks out of their asses and get moving on the cocksuckers."

"What? Syria did what? FUCK! OH, FUCK MOTHERFUCK FUCK FUCK MOTHERFUCKER--Hezbollah's nothing but a bunch of ass-hat pansies and yet Israel with its giant military cock that we the US funded can't make 'em cry like the little bitches they are? FUCK this shit. Blair, get out of my motherfucking face and let me sit here and act like a fucking monkey. This shit is a trip. I got this motherfucker over here talking about me, this motherfucker talking about--hey, let me tell you something: I made the fucking money, you didn't? Right, Ted? We outta here."
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Top 10 worst unintentionally funny URL names.

I, personally, like www.penisland.net, myself.

Still, nothing will ever beat WANG as the best company name ever.


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