Jul. 18th, 2006

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Today was really, really cool--particularly the evening (it's just so nice being a Bad Influence). And yesterday was so much fun rocking so hard.

But now I'm coming down with the first cold I've had in...hell, a year. Zicam has been good to me. But I guess a virus finally came along that it couldn't quite handle.

Ohwell, even though I feel kind of feverish and weird right now, I've been gulping the Zicam since I got home a little bit ago, so hopefully that'll at least take the bite out of the commonCold.js. My immune system is armed with nukes! And zinc!

But before I go to bed, here ya go: Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis.
oneirophrenia: (New Year's Eve)
Holy shit. I just slept for 13 hours. And yet I'm still dead tired. Guess all my energy is going to nuking this damned cold.

But, by the Other Gods...Zicam is a wonder drug. I feel a million times better already! My head feels perfectly fine now--no fever or anything--but my throat still hurts like hell. Ohwell...not like I have to talk much at work tonight.

Knowing my immune system*, I'll be back to optimal tomorrow!

Seriously, people...Zicam.

*Strangest thing: for months I fought a bacterial infection that just wouldn't fucking die. My immune system just couldn't handle it, for some reason. And yet...viruses--nature's Hezbollah--don't stand a chance anymore. Freakin' weird.


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