Jul. 23rd, 2006

oneirophrenia: (Cylon 1)
OK...when I first heard the new "album" (all five tracks of it, though three of them are a mind-numbing 12+ minutes long each!), I thought: this sounds A LOT like classic Mentallo & The Fixer--I'm thinking No Rest for the Wicked or even Revelations 23...except...why is it all so repetitive? And so horribly mixed? You literally cannot hear the percussion on the first three tracks--it's so muffled and buried that it sounds like the drum tracks were recorded on an old Tascam analog 4-track circa 1989, then the tape was just thrown in a drawer somewhere and it got all dusty and covered in cat fur. The synths are still interesting as always, and the vocal processing is bad-assed in that well-known delay-plus-walls-of-distortion Mentallo mode...but what's the excuse for "Opening The Bandwidth For The Cosmic Signal"? It's just a looped baseline and some clanky percussion (oh, wow, I can actually sort of hear it on this track) that goes on and on and on for thirteen minutes.

Seriously Dwayne, or Gary, or whichever one of you is still Mentallo & The Fixer...stop taking the drugs. Stop hanging with the Erowid crowd. Or, rather, do all the drugs you like when you're composing--but when it comes to mixing and mastering, DO IT WITH A CLEAR HEAD, so when you're done you have an album that doesn't sound like it's a 4-track demo recorded in your basement. Christ, even the Benestrophe demos sounded better than this.


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