Jul. 28th, 2006

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OMFG, go and download Jonathan Coulton's new jam "Under the Pines" RIGHT NOW.

It's about Leonard Nimoy hosting an episode of In Search Of... focusing on bigfoot, and he meets and falls in love with the bigfoot, and then there's Atlantic, and hottt human-on-sasquatch monkey love, and it's just the greatest damned thing he's done since "Soft-Rocked By Me."

Seriously...I was just thinking about In Search Of... the other night and listening to this awesome techno remake of the theme song, and I got to thinking about just how much I used to love bigfoot and UFOs and the Bermude Triangle and stuff like that when I was a kid. Still do, mind you, but it's not as much an obsession now as it used to be--especially since UFOs have almost all turned out to be fakes or mistaken objects, and UFO "researchers" just a bunch of crackheaded fools. But I'm still all about the bigfoot and other cryptids actions, let me tell you--AND NOW JONATHAN COULTON HAS WRITTEN A LOVE SONG TO BIGFOOT!

My life is damnear complete now. :)


Jul. 28th, 2006 02:01 pm
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The optic nerve = CAT-5.

Funk dat, yo. I think it's time for an upgrade. I'd be tempted to go wireless, but...I mean, my optic chiasma is only a few inches away from my retinas, after all, and who wants someone jackass wardriver piggybacking my optic feed? CHrist...it'd be like something from Ghost in the Shell 2. Shielded fiberoptics would be best.
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They sure as hell can.

Smoosh may be my new favorite band. Imagine a combination of Dresden Dolls and Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

She Like Electric is a very strange album--not because the music is particularly weird (it's not), or so-bad-it's-good (it's actually really good)...but because this is the product of two pre-teen girls.

BTW: Being up since 7am when you're used to sleeping until 2pm or later is a major drag. But it was all for a good cause, so it was worth it!
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Or, your SomethingAwful.com Quote of the Day, from a "review" of a truly shitty movie, Metal Heads:

I hate to argue about the accuracy of this trip, since Zebub clearly ingested a number of hard drugs before he slipped out of his mother’s warty furpie and into the shit-ringed [sic] she called her toilet, but I’m pretty sure LSD doesn’t instantly transport you to some kind of faggot pirate world where the only boundary is how many peg-legs you can hide in your ass.

Wait a second...is he talking about Ceremony's last night at Club Laga, when we had the impromptu Pirate-Fest and I showed up as Captain Peg-Wang?
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My god...oldskool Mentallo & The Fixer (I'm listening to Where Angels Fear To Tread [1994?]) is the very definition of the term "industrial music." "Bring To A Boil" and "Decomposed (Trampled)" are shear brilliance--incredibly complex arrangements, brutal sound textures, and jugular-gashing synth mutations--all combined with an amazingly catchy sense of rhythm and melody. You need only look to the "Angel of Death" remix of "Sacrilege" to hear the very mechanized soul of industrial grinding endlessly into machine-scoured emptiness: the hihats alone in that track sound like rivets tumbling down an empty zero-grav cargo hold....

Now listen to Commandments for the Molecular Age and weep--WEEP, I tell you!--for the fallen masters. *Le sigh*

Now that Commandments is horrible--it isn't the absolutely embarassing Love is the Law, after all...but listening to even "My Favorite Drug Related Memory" after going absolutely berzerk for "Power Struggle" is a terrible, terrible letdown.

[livejournal.com profile] terrorfirmasky, the next time you DJ at Ceremony, I'd better hear "Decomposed"! Or, if you REALLY have the cojones, put on the entirety of "Bring To A Boil" and let's see who's still standing by the time it's over. :)

BONUS QUIZ for all you oldskool bastards: This is a three-parter, so be prepared.

A) What song does this sample appear in?
B) What movie is it from?
C) How many times do you think Nyarlathotep will recycle it on our next album?

"What's it doing?" "Reaching out....Influencing. Moving objects by thought."

Winners will receive an empty can of Mountain Dew AMP and a badly-hand-drawn picture of a robot humping a copy-machine (by Pegritz).
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Gods bless you, internet. The samples from Mentallo & The Fixer's "Power Struggle" are all from the movie Demon Seed...which--oddly enough--I happen to know is on sale at WalMart for $10.

Nyarlathotep cover of "Power Struggle" coming in a few days. :) Looks like it'll be part of the "Al-Azif" virtual single. Here's to you, Dwayne & Gary!

(Mission plan: Every Nyarlathotep album, single, etc. should perhaps contain a cover version of some song particularly influential to us...which could mean covering the entire Skinny Puppy, Mentallo & The Fixer, Sopor Aeturnus, and The Cure catalog.)


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