Jul. 30th, 2006


Jul. 30th, 2006 01:45 am
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You know...I've never missed someone because they're on the other side of the country before.

In other cities, sure. Even other states. But, man, it's a whole different story when they're 2,000+ miles and three time-zones away.
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Ten random things about yourself.
10. I like robots. In fact, I want to be one.
09. I have waaaaaaaaaaay too many CDs.
08. I sleep a lot.
07. I'm working on a logo for a friend's coffeeshop.
06. I can be horrifically lazy at times.
05. My favorite word in the English language: alexiteric. (NOT "WANG"!)
04. I love gay-bar house music. The gayer, the better.
03. I'm often mistaken for being a LOT younger than I am because I act like a 15-year-old most of the time.
02. But despite acting like a 15-year-old, most of the time I feel like I'm 85.
01. I want to go to a comedy-club open-mic night and tell stupid stories about stuff my friends and I have done.

Nine movies that you love. (in no specific order)
9. A Mighty Wind
8. They Live
7. Bram Stoker's Dracula
6. Happy Gilmore
5. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
4. In the Mouth of Madness
3. I, Robot
2. John Carpenter's The Thing

Eight things that you hate.
8. Most of humanity
7. Being organic
6. George W. Bush
5. Annoying relatives
4. Losing sleep
3. Students who use "AIMspeak" in written assignments
2. Fibromyalgia
1. Religious zealots

Seven things you did today.
7. Woke up
6. Scratched my butt
5. Worked on a coffeeshop logo
4. Played with Christy
3. Drank a bottle of Gatorade
2. Pissed
1. Filled in this thing to kill some time

Six words you'd use to describe yourself.
6. Strange
5. Wacky
4. Creative
3. Eldritch
2. Male
1. Sarcastic

Five things you are thinking now.
5. What
4. the
3. fuck
2. is
1. happening?

Four things you are waiting for.
4. The semester to start so I can begin making decent money again.
3. The Acceleration
2. The Gary Numan show in August
1. Autumn

Three things you regret.
3. Almost all of 1999
2. Not drinking until I was 25.
1. Ummm...nothing else, I think.

Two websites you often visit.
2. www.somethingawful.com
1. www.youtube.com

One thing that has changed your life forever.
1. Being born.


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