Jul. 31st, 2006

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Wait a sec here. Microsoft is going to be charging people to download Office 11 BETAS?

You know...I spend a lot of time ripping Apple Computers a new one--because I just flatout despise that company--but don't get the impression that I'm easy on Microsoft. Microsoft does A LOT of stupid things (Windows Genuine Advantage, anyone?), and if I could spend a year and a half railing them for every ridiculous business move and screw-up they've committed since Day One. But charging for betas?

OK, admittedly, it's only $1.50--but still: charging for betas? For software that doesn't really even WORK YET?

Then again, people paid good money for Windows 95 and Windows 98--and, gods forbid, WinME--so I suppose there IS a precedent....
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Apparently, a former editor of Wired magazine dropped dead after crossing the 24-mile marker of the San Francisco marathon.

I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often--or maybe it does, and I'm just not generally aware of it (I only discovered this today because I'm an avid reader of Wired online). The human body is not built to sustain that much activity, unless you are in absolute top physical condition.

Which I sure as hell am not anymore. I can't even run twenty yards without feeling like I'm about to die these days. I can still walk for great distances without suffering too badly...until afterward, when my legs want to fall right off. But still. I can't even push a gas-powered mower around my yard because the amount of effort involved is enough to exhaust me/leave me in mind-blowing agony for seven days straight (though I can easily push one of the old lightweight manual jobs that are nothing but two wheels with a set of curved blades between them).

I'm held together by nothing more than stubborness, Dentyne, and duct-tape. And yet my doctor tells me I'm in surprisingly good physical shape considering how messed up I actually am. Jesus. I'd hate to see what I'd be like if I were in bad shape.
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Sam's Town, the new album from The Killers is gonna be dropping October 3rd!

The website has been totally revamped AND THERE ARE SAMPLES OF THE NEW JAMS!

Worthy followup to Hot Fuss, yo. No sophmore slump here.


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