Aug. 17th, 2006

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I just got home from work...burning out after running all over the world today on 4.5 hours of sleep. And now my Google calendar tells me I have a dr's appointment at 11am tomorrow. It's with my urologist, too--follow-up on the kidney stone and UTI stuff, so I have to go.

I'm going to pass out right no--*thunk*
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1. My name is - What? My name is....Who? My name is...Slim Pegritz

2. I may seem – loud crude and, above all else, mean-spirited

3. But I'm really – overly polite if i like you, and an extreme pacifist beneath the pseudofascistic rhetoric

4. People who know me think I'm – a decent fella, fiercely loyal to his friends, though strange as hell

5. If you knew me you'd probably – be at least as weird as i am, because if you weren't, there's no way you could take the 24/7/365 onslaught of surreality that is ME.

6. Sometimes I feel – comfortably numb. I love those moments.

7. In the morning I – have a cup of cofffee, eat breakfast, and get psyched up for teaching.

8. I like to sleep – a LOT. My body needs sleep desperately, especially NPOW

9. If I could be doing anything right now I would be – hanging out with [ profile] aidinslevel and Tha Kid in a nice shady park somewhere, all sprawled on the lawn, dozing off pleasantly

10. Money is – something i desperately need more of (thank the gods the semesters just around the corner)

11. One thing I wish I had is - a full-time job with benefis

12. One thing I have that I wish I didn't is - a body so packed wit bad genes it's a,azimg I can get up and go to work everyday

13. All you need is – someone to care about you, music, good literature, and peace & quiet

14. All I need is - someone to care about me, music, good literature, peace n' quiet. ADN SLEEP.

15. If I had one wish it would be – for it be the year 3000 already and for me to be comfortably sequestered forever in a virtual scape built fro equal parts old gothic lit, Tron, the 18th Century, and HPL stories (with me as Nyarlathotep, duh).

16. Love is – something I crave, but fear terribly

17. My body – is am unsalvageable wreck

18. If an angel flew into my window at night I would – go outside and stand over it, laughing at its broken neck and its inmability t comprehend the existence of see-through glass.

19. If a demon crashed into my window I would - totally help a brotha out.

20. If I could see one person right now it would be - guess. :)

21. Something I want but I don't really need is – a new scanner for my compuer

22. Something I need but I don't really want is - surgery to fix a certain vascular problem in the wangular region that has been bugging me on and off since i was 15.

23. I live for – music. Good music, bad music, i don't care most of the time--I just need awesome sounds to keep me going.

24. I dare you all to – strip bare-ass naked and run through Okland at rush hour screaming lines fomr Milton's Paradise Lotat the tops of uyour lungs!

25. I am afraid of - a long, lingering, slow, agonizing death (like every other member of my family)

26. It makes me angry when - people lie to me or string me along because i'm gullible and dull-witted sometimes

27. I dream about - alternate universes

28. I daydream about – cool songs or stories to write.
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Great. Didn't get any sleep again last night--fucking acid reflux kept me up all night. Nothing quite like throwing up in your sleep tojar you out of rest. I ate an entire bottle of Tums and a handful of Pepcid and, finally, after like six hours it settled down. Still ended up with less than two hours sleep, though, c'ause then I had to get up to go be at the dr's office by ten. GOOD NEWS: All the kidney stone/uti problems I'd been having a month or two ago are officially gone, daddy, gone! Nothing in the universe is quite as tiring, though, as sitting in a dr's office in those stiff-ass chairs for five hours while they ask you to piss a river into a dixie cup to make sure you're not whizzing out sand. heh

Now i've gpotta go to work. We've been hideously busy as the newspaper this week, and i know tonight's going to be on of those neverending nights because, for some reason, half our usual staff hasn't been showing up and guess who get to take care of all the overflow work?

wheh I get home tonight, I'm eating a handful of benadryl to be DAMN SURE i pas sout good and thoroughly, and i"m gonna sleep for fifteen hours, I swear.
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Childrens lullabye versions of alt-rock songs!

We got lullabye renditions of...






And, bnest of all...RADIOHEAD!

Yes, the lullabye rendition of "No Surprises" is completely awesome. Remember, folks, Radiohead didn't startto suck until Kid A!

Every mommy and ddaddy should have these for their littl ones. Nothing can soothe a youngsters to sleep like the gentle sounds of "Sober" or "Enter Sandman."


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