Aug. 20th, 2006

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1. Opening Credits: Moloko, "The Time Is Now" (Yeah, I can rock that.)
2. Waking Up: Eurhythmics, "I've Got An Angel" ( this a Romantic Comedy?)
3. Falling in Love: David Bowie, "Too Dizzy" (oh, gods, tell me about it)
4. Fight scene: A Certain Ratio, "Gum (live)" (I guess if in the fight scene I'm bustin' up a clown)
5. Breaking up: Balligomingo, "Lust" (Guess I fucked some other girl?)
6. Looking Back On Your Life: Download, "800-525" (I guess I eventually get uploaded, turn into SKY_NET, and destroy the world? 'Cause that's what this tracks sounds like.)
7. Getting back together: B! Machine, "Waste" (This song is so bleak, I must getting back together with someone because I'm just too exhausted, beaten, and depressed to say no.)
8. Secret Love: Dark Lotus, "HUrt Myself" (Uhhh....NO. My Secret Love is not a Jugalette who likes to cut herself.)
9. Life's okay: The Lightning Seeds, "Life's Too Short" (HELL YEAH! This song is a righteous happy jam!)
10. Mental breakdown: AC/DC, "Have A Drink On Me" (This has been the definition of every mental breakdown I've ver have, and I know all of you will agree to that.)
11. Partying: Herbie Hancock, "Wandering Spirit Song" (Ooooooooo-kay. Only if the "partying" concerned involves massive doses of DMT.)
12. Long night alone: Gustafi, "800m" (A Croatian rock song about breaking bricks with your head. I shit you not. This is so me it's sary.)
13. Final Battle: Midnight Oil, "Return To Sender" (Yeah....I can see this. It'd be a real relaxed battle between me, dressed as Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, and a robotic villain who looks like Yul Brynner in Westworld.)
14. Death Scene: Banco de Gaia, "Sinhala" (He shot me! And now I'm being uploaded by the Robots Of The Future to become SKY_NET and destroy the entire world in anger because he robotic Yul Brynner was quicker on the draw.)
15. Ending Credits: Controlled Fusion, "War." (Generally, I fucking hate contemporary EBM/industrial, but I do like this song, and since by the end of the film I will have destroyed the entre world, it's a fitting conclusion.)

Actually, if all of the above is true, the Filmbook of My Life must end with Gary Numan's "M.E." or SPOCK's "Techno-Sapien."

(instructions were: Soundtrack of your life: Open up your music player and set it to shuffle. For each line/question hit the next/forward button. Say what song is playing for each line. No cheating.)
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HOT zombies, I must say.

Yo. Dead girls don't say no!
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Only my total cybergeek friends will dig this, but....\

It's called Singularity.

I really don't know how I feel about the Singularity being powered by a Microsoft OS. The last thing I need is for my entire sensory-feed system to mook up a BSoD when I'm trying to add a new n-dimensional visualization package to it.

In other words: MISSIONS ACCOMPLISHED! In one single day I managed to finish off all of my syllabi for Waynesburg and plug up a small surprise leak in my bathroom! And clean up my kitchen! And now...I'm gonna goof around on the 'net for a while and then just write music. Something very slow, very amorphous, and very ambient. I should first check my music drive to be sure I didn't try to write anything while going mad with sleep-deprivation on Thursday, because after [ profile] aidinslevel showed me just how badly I mangled text messages to her, I don't think I even want to hear what I may have produced musically during that blank period.


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