Aug. 21st, 2006

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From today's update concerning the worklog of the holodeck repairman aboard the Enterprise (ST:TNG nerds alert!):

Commander Riker uses the holodeck for everything, from his darkest fantasies to the most ridiculously mundane task. One day he'll be oil wrestling with kangaroos on top of a giant mattress or making love to a duplicate of himself with huge breasts. The next day he'll show up in his bathrobe and use the holodeck to shower and shave himself. What makes me hate him is that Riker pays no attention to the rules about bodily fluids. He will use the holodeck just to go to the bathroom. He'll have a floating toilet made out of clouds and he'll lay the biggest and smelliest deuce I've seen this side of the neutral zone. Then he'll just walk right out like he's allowed to do that.

Just be glad I'm saving you the quote about teabagging.
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I guess this is how this thing works. There's a picture of a crab! )
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The brain boots up like a computer.

The thalamus, long though to be a primitive hunk of junk just chillin' deep in the ol' grey matter, is actually the brain's boot-loader--a sort of kernel/BIOS that boots up other pieces of neural hardware with (wait for it...wait for it...) little puffs of nitrous oxide!

So...does that mean I should keep a handful of whippits by my bedside instead of a coffee maker? 'Cause if I can just huff a can of whipped cream and boot right into PegritzOS in under 25 seconds, I'm there.


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