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Allright, folks--check it out: my cellphone has, yet again, decided to screw me. Pretty seriously this time.

For the past two weeks, I've been getting very intermittent service. Last weekend, my phone decided to stop dialing out. And then it stopped accepting calls. And then it completely lost all service. After trying out everything we could do to it at the CellOne store to diagnose its problems, it was time to just give up and send it back to the manufacturer, as it's still under warranty.

I now have a loaner phone--an ancient (and I do mean ancient) Nokia model--so I'll be able to receive calls again as of today, Friday, 19 January 2007. I just listened to the 25 voicemails that have accumulated (completely unknown to me) for the last three weeks, and I apologize to everyone who has called me and did not receive any kind of reply: I just didn't even know you'd called until today. Also, I received at least 60 txt messages--again, sorry I didn't reply, I just got them all in one big rush this morning. Oy.

With my loaner phone I will be able to call out, receive calls, and get voicemails. BUT I WON'T BE ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY KIND OF TXT MESSAGES. Well, actually, I can receive them, but I can't reply to them, because I simply cannot figure out how to do so with this crappy antediluvian phone. So don't txt me; I won't be able to answer. But do call! As always, I'll get back to you as soon as time allows.

I'll probably have this loaner phone for six to eight weeks, too...which is how long it'll probably take them to just send me a new friggin' phone. But at least this isn't costing me anything.


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