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Well, the water guy came and fixed my pipe this afternoon. Took exactly three minutes to fix. Way to go, asshole....Couldn't you have done that right the first time? Still, it didn't cost me anything, so I can't bitch about that.

But I can and most certainly will bitch about no broadband access from home. The cable company sent a tech fellow out and he must've spent twentyfive minutes checking each and every cable drop-point and length of coax in my entire house trying to find out why my modem wouldn't connect. He finally had to give up, since he had no idea what the problem could which point, his cellphone rang and his dispatcher let him know that the reason I was having all this problem was because of a major trunk line problem in the area that they would have fixed by this soon as they found the key to open the router box where the problem was. They'd known about this problem since late Monday night, when I called them, yet still sent that poor guy out to my place without even telling him the problem wasn't on my end at all? INCOMPETENCE! The tech guy just shrugged and said, "I don't even let that kind of stuff bother me anymore." That's really a sad thing, you know...being so beaten down by the sheer incompetence of the system you work for that you can't even get pissed about your superiors wasting your time. FUCK. THAT. The day I stop bitching about everything I don't like is the day I fucking drop dead.

I'd better have connectivity by tomorrow, or there's going to be hell to pay. I have fifteen--FIFTEEN--student papers that have been emailed to me that I can't print out or grade until I can receive them at home, download them to my Mainframe, and print them. I can't print them at the campus because I can't even begin to understand how to print anything in the English Dept. offices (the printers are so screwed up he dept. chairperson doesn't even know where one of them physically is anymore) and I'm not ABOUT to print these things out at one of the computer labs, since guess what? The campus makes even faculty shill out a nickel per sheet of paper to print shit. BULLSHIT.

I'm also so unbelievably tired I can scarcely hold my head up. I've been guzzling very potent tea, Mountain Dew Amp, regular Mountain Dew, and those Starbucks Frappamacino things you get at convenience stores (mint mocha = the greatest of all yums) just to stay vaguely coherent, but the process is failing minute by minute. I'll probably be dozing off every five minutes at the newspaper tonight. Now, I slept a decent amount last night, but I've figured out why I'm always so tired: fibromyalgia is apparently related to chronic fatigue syndrome; a lot of people with fibro are also tired all the time. Yay. No wonder I'm always so sluggish these days. The 500mg of Benadryl I have to take every five minutes to keep myself from sneezing to death or coughing out my lungs sure as hell doesn't help that, but I can't even go a minute without that stuff anymore.

I'm seriously considering ephedrine tabs. Like, a handful of them at a time. It'll probably give me a fucking heart attack, what with my prolapsed mitral valve and all, but, jesus, I simply cannot make it from one end of the workday to the next without serious chemical aid. Pathetic.


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