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Google can do no wrong. Or...well, mostly no wrong--they've had their growing pains and fuckups as much as anyone (ahem, Google Accelerator)--but, man, their Google Desktop 2.0 Beta is THA SHIZZNAT.

Google Desktop has grown out of Google Search, which was one of the first Spotlight-type dynamic search programs for WinXP (along with Blinkx). Considering how many damned documents and whatnot there are usually chilling on my laptop's hard-drive, the original Google Search was a big help to me: it let me find documents a billion times faster than XP's built-in search and did all this utilizing the familiar simple Google interface and had a very small processor/memory footprint. Now, along comes 2.0 Beta and it's ten times cooler than the first release.

You can still run the new version as a little floating or taskbar-docked search bar, but it's so much fresher if you run it in sidebar mode. There are a lot of "sidebar" programs Out There in shareware land designed to mimic the sidebar that may or may not be a part of Windows Vista, but screw 'em all--including the Vista one. The Google sidebar is actually useful and, even though it's still technically in its development stage, surprisingly configurable. You can add panels for email search (it not only indexes local messages in, say, Outlook or Eudora, but also Gmail accounts now too!), RSS feeds, Web Clips, a stock ticker, a clock, weather, an AWESOME little system resources monitor, a little photo thumbnail displayer, and--best of all--a built in "scratch pad" where you can scribble down notes. It's coimpletely sweet, and the search functions as well have been really nicely updated, organizing your search results much better.

It's free as a motherfuck, too. Get it, 'cause it's awesome.


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