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Today was a lot of fun, in a somewhat bizarre way, as many of you whom I caught at 80s Nite know....But today also marks a surprising milestone of sorts for myself, which many of you will not believe--hell, I don't even know if I believe it yet!--but is shockingly true:

I can't drink anymore.

Period. was: I can't drink like a fucking Slivowicz-crazed Serbian death camp guard anymore. No more drinking until I'm blind anymore.

Then, it was: OK, I just can't drink a LOT every couple of days. So I just spaced out the drunken binges by several weeks and held myself back. For the most part.

Then: Shit, I can't really drink hard liquor anymore. It just makes my stomach feel horrible. Best just to stick with beer. At least beer is sort of nutritious! A tequila sunrise now and again can't hurt, but....

And then: Hell...even when I drink a stinking Yuengling my stomach feels like the devil's punching bag. Best to just have one or two every weekend.

Now...after having drunk just one Smirnoff Ice thingee tonight, and taken a few sips from another, I thought I was going to chunder. That's one of the reasons I left 80s Nite and went home so early. Yeah, I was sweaty as fuck and hot and tired, and I need to get up for a dr's appointment tomorrow (routine checkup, but still)...but I was also feeling kind of green around the gills. You know. Like I was getting...THE ICK.

The drive home was awful: I couldn't drive too fast because swinging back and forth made me nauseous, even with a few Dramamine in me. From 1.25 Smirnoff Ices. This is the writing on the wall, people. If I can't even guzzle a sissy drink like that without getting ill as hell, then it's time for Pegritz to hang up his drinking hat. For good this time.

I've hung it up a LOT lately....Much more than I have in the past 5 years, I'll tell you that. But I just can't deal with how bad Das Booze wrecks my stomach anymore.

*Le sigh*

Don't know how long it's going to last, but I miss my old boy Jose already. :(

One of the first things I'm getting when I go transhuman (that is, at least Human 1.5--2.0 would be better) is a cast iron stomach!


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