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Ecce Homo is, fundamentally, about Human relationships, among one's own society/species, among others', and organic Human intelligence's place in the cosmos (or, at least, a little bit of our spiral arm). It explores cultural conflicts, race conflicts, and developmental conflicts utilizing different Human "species" as metaphors for Human societies and races and cultures we're all familiar with...though it was accidental that the Xanthians, who are prettymuch just the Chinese with bigger bodies, also have bright yellow skins. Don't look at me like that, goddamnit--their planet is rich in sulphur and organsulfuric compounds! No one species is completely based on any one group of contemporary Original Humans, but...they are all fundamentally Human in terms of biology, neurology, and so forth--so you'll find plenty that is familiar in the characters' and their worlds despite the obvious biological differences, which serve to really make the cultural and societal differences stand out with greater fictional impact.

I've already very tentatively drawn up a plan for the next book set in the Ecce Homo milieux. No title, no characters--nothing like that yet...but I do know what it's going to be about. A certain Human species decides that it's the Master Race and goes on an interstellar rampage of conquering. The questions this one will deal with is...if your culture/species is clearly superior to others' in terms of technology, biology, anything like that, what do you do with that knowledge? Is there a time when cultural imperialism can actually be a good thing? And, of course, when you have human species in conflict over who's better/who's best, one thing is always guaranteed to happen: genocide. Sorry, idealists--genocide is a part of the Human experience (and probably the postHuman, as well), and I'm not about to say that it's Always Bad. What happens when you encounter a species so irreparably nasty, so ferocious, and so virulent that the only way to contain them for the good of everyone else is to eradicate them utterly? Or so pathetic, so clearly unfit to survive in any environment, that there's just no point in keeping them around? Tough questions.

But we'll see.


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