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The more-or-less final--though not yet in order--tracklisting for Malpractice:

Crash Cart
Our Hideous Progeny (or: My Final Frankenstein)
A Moment at Dixmont (1)
(Lacking) Anaesthetic
Love in the ICU
Somatoform Pain Disorder
Suture Self
A Moment at Dixmont (2)
Stick a Needle in My Eye
The Radiologist's Nightmare
Strangler's Eyes and Surgeon's Fingers
Unrefillable Scrip

If all goes recording will start on Sunday. Expect this bitch by Halloween! It'll make the perfect pumpkin- or corpse-stuffer for that ex you just want to exsanguinate in a bathtub!
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I am so addicted to this program. I've prettymuch scrapped all need to ever resort to Acid 5.0 or Ableton Live or ANY other sequencing/editing/recording package on earth...with the exception of Adobe's Audition 1.5, which still has a number of FX I really like.

Malpractice is going to be THA BOMB.

It may take longer to get out now than I originally intended, though, because now that I've been doing actual work in Cubase, I'm finding soooooooooooo many neat new tricks and FX to play with.
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So. I'm now done with almost every Malpractice song slated to go on the album. I've begun exporting them track-by-track from Renoise 1.5, where I originally created at least 75% of them, and have been recombining the tracks in Cubase SX 2 for added MIDI stuff, extra FX, EQ, mastering, etc.

This is the first time I've used Cubase for a really big project.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Is. It. Cool.

This album is going to sound unbelievably good.
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JAYZUS! Why must it be so fucking hard to find freakin' surgical footage, or something of the sort, wherein I can find sampleable audio material? I'm only looking for sounds of doctors talking about surgical procedures, ambient operating room sounds, and the like--you'd think that stuff wouldn't be so hard to find....

Didn't The Learning Channel have a program called "Operation" at one time? I remember watching it and almost throwing up. But now I need it. I need to SAMPLE IT! And I need to capture scenes of cardiac surgery for the next Pegritz show....

Anyone want to help a brotha out?
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So I'm finishing up the last few Malpractice songs this week--or, at least, as much of them as I plan to do in Renoise. After this, I'm going to be adding some Absynth stuff to them, effecting them even more than they already are (which is a HELL OF A LOT), and then--gods help me--recording the vocals. I think I'm gonna need a bottle of Cuervo on hand for that, because I just can't make my voice sound like absolute shit unless I'm fairly well-plastered.

I need to finish the lyrics to several of the songs, too. Which isn't easy, 'cause I'm in a very mellow, non-misogynistic mood right now. But I'm sure I'll be able to drum up a necessary amount of bile, spleen, and unadulterated hatred at some point.

SHITE! I have to finish drawing the new "Pegritz logo" as well.

Also: must start getting price estimates on CD production via
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Oh holy wang of the Crawling Chaos was that FUN.

I'll post a full to-do about it tomorrow, when I'm more coherent and not half-asleep...but, damn, that was a good time.

And [ profile] kaspellsgoddess? We're going to do this a lot more often, so you'd better be ready with the nifty little paper cups of meds and the drool-towel! You made the show.


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