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I want to start a new band called H. E. Doublehockeysticks. I'm thinking it should be some kind of slightly punkified New Wave outfit, and we should all dress like stockbrokers but with patently fake devil horns on our heads. The first album could be called, "Don't Sell Yuor Soul--INVEST IT".

Crucial, yo.
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If you want to get the full 411 on Pegritz's hardcore music obsession, than this stupid LiveJournal O' Dumb Links & Rants isn't the place anymore. Subscribe to my music blog's RSS feed and get hot, buttered access to all the musical freshness your fragile little minds can possibly handle!

(I highly recommend using Bloglines as an RSS feed aggregator/reader, as it is the shizznat. I'll get around to making an LJ feed aggregator for the site, too...eventually.)

Anyway, The Spacing Guild Guide to Good Music is there for you to discover funkay new sounds, to roll naked in my lush and velvety prose stylings, and to foster your continuing love of giant pink robots and Third Stage Guild Navigators.

The jams must flow.

It is by will alone you set your booty in motion.


Sep. 26th, 2006 02:55 pm
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You know...rarely--rarely--do I find music that I actually hate. Seriously. Even the crappiest records sometime have a moment or two of fun or interest to them. I mean, even Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme has its moments.

But The Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat album is just, truly, the worst fucking thing I've ever heard.

What are these idiots trying to do? Write goofy "indie pop" songs using Schoenberg's twelve-tone scale? Or is it just that they can't write a piece of actual music and try to get by with just banging on various instruments until something like a melody or a rough equivalent of a song-structure comes crapping out? Otto von Schirach has a better song-writing sensibility than these morons.

Seriously...The Fiery Furnaces sound like Mates of State trying to be "avant garde" and failing miserably. What a waste of time.
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Weird Al Yankovic's new album, Straight Outta Lynwood, is absolutely hysterical. You know...after, what, nearly thirty years of basically doing the same thing with every album, you'd think Weird Al's schtick would get old--BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG, GANGSTA. Weird Al only seems to get better with every album. And this album is a silly masterpiece, from its first track "White and Nerdy" (which features W to tha A-L droppin' rhymes with skillz that'd make most whiteboy rappers curl up and die--except for White Chocolate, of course) to the final, "Don't Download This Song"--which Weird Al had put up for free download a few months ago. For all you Weird Al afficionados, you gotta get all up on dis.
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Check out the new article on The Spacing Guild Guide to Good Music concerning Camouflage's superb new album, Relocated, and Junior Boys' 8-bit depression-fest, So This Is Goodbye. Good sounds for you!

[ profile] laerm, be sure you check this shit out, as I'd love to hear your comments....
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Check it out, folks: Subpop Records, one of my favorite indie labels on earth (Iron and Wine! The Postal Service!) has teamed up with BitTorrent to offer a number of new songs, videos, and so forth via BitTorrent! Get 'em here!

This is a ballsy move for a record company to take,, it only makes sense that Subpop would do it. They represent their artists fairly and their artists know how to connect with fans. You give away some stuff for free, people will buy the hell out of the rest of your stuff. Why? Because you showed enough faith in your customers to give 'em a nice free sampling. That way, if they really like it, they feel perfectly comfortable with giving you money for your work. THAT is the spirit of contemporary post-capitalist commerce!


Sep. 21st, 2006 02:04 pm
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The C64 Orchestra is just what it sounds like it is: an orchestra performing classical renditions of classi Commodore 64 games!

I just had a nerdgasm.
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OK...the new Scissor Sisters album, Ta-Dah!, wasn't exactly impressing me until I got to track three, "I Can't Decide". The lyrics are just awesome.

For the most part, the album is very enjoyable retro-'70s disco/glam kitsch...and that's all good and stuff, but it's nothing to go batshit crazy for like some hipsters have. It's just not all that memorable. Kind of like ELO's first two albums or Paris Hilton's album. Good stuff, but it doesn't really stick with you.

You want memorable, let me tell you: Camouflage's best-known single, "The Great Commandment", has got memorability in spades. ([ profile] aidinslevel, I'm making you a copy of this album as well.)
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Just posted a new article about Whitest Boy Alive and Husky Rescue over at my music blog, The Spacing Guild Guide to the Humanities. Check it out if you know what's good for your ears!

Incidentally, it's also crossposted at Pegritz(.com)! as well, so you can check it out there as well, but you'll be missing out on the cool links and stuff that supports. Enjoy!
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For those of you who DON'T know, I, Derek C. F. Pegritz, in my guise as RETAR-D2, will be rocking it out tomorrow at the Garfield Artworks! 8pm! BE THERE.

Here's the rest of the breakdown for all you hipsters and New Wave freaks:

If you're a fan of the latest dance-punk and electropunk stuff coming out of Brooklyn and elsewhere (think The Rapture, !!!, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan McLean, Hot Chip, etc) you will enjoy this band.

Touch & Go recording artists

with local new-wavers STYLES FOR MODERN LIVING

plus Derek Pegritz's latest incarnation

and new synthpop dude PFUNKT
("sounds like: The Faint, Right Said Fred")

Sunday September 10 8 pm all ages $8
Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Avenue

take the 54 C from Oakland or the 86B from Downtown.
This show will be discotastic! See you there!


Sep. 4th, 2006 06:10 pm
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Holy christ, the new Camouflage album, Relocated, is the second-best synthpop album of this year, after Depeche Mode's positively sublime Playing the Angel. In fact, Relocated sounds like Playing the Angel's less-hyped, but just as creative, younger brother. This music is perfect background sound for working out class notes and assignments, so [ profile] eolh, take note!

My GOD, I need to DJ again soon. Seriously, somebody must need a New/Newer Wave DJ to at least fill in an hour guest slot somewhere!!! C'mon, you fucking hipsters, give a brotha a few minutes on the laptop and your booties will be shaken (not stirred).
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Whitest Boy Alive are my new favorite band. Dreams is the best indie rock album of 2006. 'Nuf sed.

Get it now.

(You know, everyday, I realize that the only reason I became such a goth/industrial freak in the '90s was because the pop music of that decade sucked so much ass. Now that good music has come forth again, I'm back to being what I always really was: a stonecold New Waver.)
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With Sympathy is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the best album Ministry has ever put out.

Ohyeah, there was that The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste album by some industrial metal band called Ministry--and it was really damned good (c'mon, people: "Cannibal Song")...but as far as I'm concerned, Ministry only ever put out one album and a handful of great 12" singles. Then some metal band took over their name and eventually ruined it.


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