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Just In Case....If you fear you may be infexted with the XCP2 rootkit or whatever the hell it's being called today, check out this site.

Here you can find convenient instructions on how to identify if your Windows machine is infected with the rootkit. Sorry, Mac, folks--this detection method's for Windows machines only, but as soon as EFF or someone puts up instructions on how to check for yourselves, I'll post that, too. Provided, of course, you haven't found it already yourselves, which is highly likely. :)

I'm a paranoid fuck, and my computer is made by, of course, I checked the second I found this page. Clean as a whistle. *Whew*
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First, here's a little tip for you Norton Antivirus users out there: Symantec has announced that its antivirus software will detect and identify, but not remove, any instances of Sony Music's asstastic backdoor program. It will instead point you toward a Sony website that offers a download to "uncloak"--but again, not remove--the suspicious malware. But at least you'll know it's there.

On the other hand, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a <a href=">document detailing how the rootkit works AND a list of CDs known to be infected with it</a>. Quite frankly, the only CD on that list <i>I</i> would have any interest in is Neil Young's <i>12 Songs</i>--but I'd never buy it in the first place because it's a Major Label release. Everyone should at least have a look at the list just to be sure. Fortunately, the site also documents tell-tale signs printed on CDs to let you know if they're all filthied up with Sony's most heinous "XCP" technology. Caveat emptor!


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