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I want to start a new band called H. E. Doublehockeysticks. I'm thinking it should be some kind of slightly punkified New Wave outfit, and we should all dress like stockbrokers but with patently fake devil horns on our heads. The first album could be called, "Don't Sell Yuor Soul--INVEST IT".

Crucial, yo.
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The iPod Flea

It's, like, a TicTac that holds one mp3 song.

I am pretty sure the QuickTime vid linked from the above Gizmodo site is a parody--which is freakin' great. the same time...what if it's real?

If this Flea thing isn't just a clever jape on Apple, then Apple has completely lost its fucking mind. Who in their right gourd is going to shell out Apple prices for something that can store one single song and is small enough to very easily lose, swallow, or jam up your sphincter?

UPDATE: Oh, wait--it IS a parody! In that case, it's funny as hell. :)
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Hey, kids. Want to have a totally bitchin' time at your next party? Yes? Well, then! How about getting a bunch of your homies and homettes together and pump industrial-grade silicone into your bodies in order to make yourself look more "feminine"? Sure, you might die from it, but's all in good fun, and you don't want to be lame, do you?

The stupidity of people absolutely floors me sometime. Consider the following quote from the above linked article:

"Pumping parties," where people seeking a more feminine appearance have
silicone injected into their bodies, have been on the upswing in the
last few years, experts say. The silicone used at the parties is often
industrial-grade material like floor sealant.

FLOOR SEALANT!!! [ profile] siliconedreamer is probably freakin' out right now after reading this....


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