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In honor of the beginning of what promises to be an excellent Stillerz Season, I've started work on a silly but manifestly fun story: a tale of the first day of the League of Football season in the year 2,500 C.E. In this bizarre, heavily allegorical and satyrical world, football "teams" are no longer teams but families of heavily cyborged and bioneered transhumans who function almost like insect hives, but instead of individuals being designed to act as workers, soldiers, and so forth, there are quarterbacks, tight ends, kickers, and so forth! On the field, Homo footballicus functions almost like a hive mind as all the players' minds are networked together into a hyperintelligent coachnet. Because the players are all so heavily engineered and ridiculously strong and fast, the playing field is now over a mile long and paved in fullerene/quantum-well-based smart matter, the ball is made of steel, rocketpropelled, and semisentient in its own right, and...oh, hell, I haven't figured it all out yet, but it's going to be so much goddamned fun!

BUT! I can't do it alone. I just don't know that much about the glories of the gridiron--so I'm gonna need to call in my homies [ profile] vocis, [ profile] imightbegaye, and any of you other Terrible Towel-wavin' motherfuckers to assist a brotha in this grand undertaking! Hell, if this turns out really cool, I might even just send it to or something. :)

In the meantime, though, here are some other nifty background concepts from this world:

The First Singularity involved the semi-spontaneous, semi-planned rise of sentience of the two great AI "Master Systems," the Googleplex (a hive mind of a billions of ultrapowerful search engines) and WikiMIND, the world's first--and so far, ONLY--sentience that anyone can edit.

The Second Singularity began and ended with the UPMC Outbreak of 2050, in which experimental selfreplicating nanomachines mutate and devour all of Oakland in a wave of gigantic semiorganic tentacles and crystals. The Cathedral of Learning is converted into a strange sort of launching device that periodically fires packages of replicators into orbit. When it does so, it resembled a gigantic biomechanical wang jizzing--hence the reason it is now known as the Phallus of Incomprehensible Mechorganic Knowledge and is sometimes worshipped by the feral descendants of Pitt students trapped in the biorg jungle.

Welcome to the future! It's just like today, only weirder.


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