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Well. I didn't last too long at work last. Shortly after I posted the previous rant, I was working on a bingo ad, and discovered that I couldn't read the damned print on the page because my eyes were scrambling letters and crossing. OK. Not good. I was still feeling a little odd, too, though fortunately my head didn't hurt I left and went to Brownsville General Hospital, which is sort of near where I live. Now, let me tell you: BGH is NOT the best hospital in the world...but they've always treated me fairly promptly and well. As far as I'm concerned, however, they could try to treat a concussion with a fucking enema for all I care, as long as it's not happening in the Uniontown Hospital.

When I got there, they triaged me quickly and I asked the nurse who signed me in if I was going to be stuck there for three fucking hours. She told me that according to my symptoms she didn't think I was badly injured, so I wasn't going straight back--but, at the same time, she mentioned that if I start experiencing any weird symptoms or any pain or nausea, I was to tell her immediately and they'd take care of me. Well, after about half an hour, I was taken back to the ER, where I was seen by the attending physician within five minutes. He ordered bloodwork and a CAT scan, all of which was done within twenty minutes. Mind you, the whole process still took a few hours, but I was checked out thoroughly and promptly enough, considering I was told right from the outset that I probably didn't have anything to really worry about.

If somebody at the Uniontown Hospital had at least told me right from the start that I wasn't too badly damaged, things would've been okay. I would've just waited.

But the thing is: I am terrified of head injuries. Fuck all that "immortal soul" or Buddhist reincarnation horseshit--science tells me all I am is software running on the sticky grey hardware packed into my skull. I already know my wetware is faulty, hence the reason I'll be on Celexa for the remainder of my biological existence, but it's all I got, and any time something happens that seems as though my circuitry might have been damaged, I WANT THAT SHIT DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY. Last I heard, too, people with potential head injuries generally get treated pretty quickly to avoid such problems as subdural hematomas, concussed swelling, and so forth. If I'd had any of the above, by the time those cocksuckers at the Uniontown Hospital got to me I would've probably suffered some real nice circuit damage.

Fortunately, all the tests at Brownville came back good: I DON'T have a concussion. The weird visual symptoms were probably caused by my brain getting rocked pretty hard--as indeed it was--but there's no sign of any internal bleeding or swelling or anything to be particularly concerned about. Thank you, Machine Gods of the Remote Future. My head still hurts, though, but I've got Tylenol, so that's no big deal.

Regardless, though, I'm on the warpath today.


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