Feb. 9th, 2006

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So, tomorrow--for the first time in a while (at least a year...probably more)--I'm cooking dinner for my girlfriend. I haven't cooked an appreciable dinner in a long time because...well, living alone, I've grown accustomed to: A) eating like a cockroach, scavenging off of whatever scraps I find in my cupboards or the cheap'n'easy snack foods I can get at the Sheetz on the way home from work; or B) eating whatever my mother comes over and gives me. Pathetic, yes. Especially since I used to like to cook so much.

Anyway, I just put together vegetarian kabobs (mostly zucchini, various colors of pepper, onion, and cherry tomatoes)...and I figured I needed to make some kind of marinade for them. So, rather than just dig something up from my archives or from the 'Net, I got creative. Witness:

A bit of golden balsamic vinegar

A splash of Francis Ford Coppola's merlot (very little, actually, since it's pretty strong)

A little olive oil

Cracked black-and-white pepper

Oregano flakes

I really had no idea what would taste good together or not...I was just interested in seeing what would happen if I mixed a bunch of things that all taste really good separately together. And it seemed to work!

I'm still only going to try it on one skewer because, even though it tastes pretty good to me, I don't want to subject anyone else to my Re-animator-esque adventures in culinary slapdashery until I eat the treated skewer myself. But it certainly seems promising....
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Watch 'em dance!

Admittedly...the little music clip is kind of annoying--but, at the same time, kind of catchy.

And am I alone in thinking the little doodle of the Prophet with the green star-and-crescent of Islam is really kind of cute in a should-be-on-a-sticker-or-button kind of way?


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